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Welcome to 5/6T’s class blog at Farsley Farfield.

Blogging can give children an immediate and global dimension to their writing. It has been proven to increase attainment in writing and to support engagement in Literacy.

Our blog will create a platform and a purpose for our writing. Users will find fun and interesting links relating to our curriculum as well as important information about what is going on in 5/6T at Farsley Farfield Primary School. Family members, friends and other users will be able to participate in our learning journey by commenting on our postings.

Children in school have already learned about E-safety through their CAL sessions. The members of 5/6T will be given their own user names and passwords, so that they can write their own posts and comment on other postings on the blog.

In my role as administrator, I will read the posts and monitor the blog alongside the children. No posts or comments will be published without an administrator checking it first. However I will not correct all the children’s spelling before publishing – it is important that the children are encouraged to edit and improve their own work, rather than rely on me to correct it for them.

We hope you will enjoy following and engaging in our learning journey.

Watch this space…

Mr Tiffany and 5/6T

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