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Rainforest Sewing

Friday 26th April | Comments are off for this post

To complement our work on the Amazon rainforest, the children researched some of the many different types of plant and animal that can be found there.  We then decided to bring these findings to life by creating felt versions of them!

Firstly, we used some scrap felt and practised some different stitches.  Once we felt confident, we drew a picture of what we would like our animal to look like and devised a step by step plan of how we would create it.  We thought carefully about the materials we would use, and any problems we may need to troubleshoot.

Next, we created a template and cut this out before pinning it to the felt we had chosen.  We carefully drew around our template then cut it out with scissors.  It is very tricky cutting felt with school scissors, but we got there!

Then for the fun part… adding the detail!  Some pupils chose to create flat animals, stitching on felt for different features.  The rest of the pupils cut out their templates twice, stitching their two pieces of felt together and stuffing them to create 3 dimensional animals.

I am so proud with absolutely everyone for persevering; sewing can be very frustrating and tricky! Our finished designs look incredible!

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