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World Book Day!

08/03/2019 at 16:07

Today we celebrated World Book Day and the children all looked fabulous! We had Elma, an Umpa Lumpa, Princess Fiona, Mr Bean, The Boy in the Dress and many more wonderful characters!

The children were challenged with some oral story telling this morning and had to work collaboratively as a group to each write a sentence, building the story slowly and carefully. We then rehearsed our stories orally before publishing them using our typing skills.

Here are all of the stories produced today!

This image used was named ‘The Skypath’ and the children used this image to create their story.

As I strolled down the narrow, brick alley, I saw a towering set of stairs .With excitement ventured up the winding stairs .When I reached the top, I saw multiple vicious, cloaked demons. In an attempt to escape, I charged down the misty stairs. As I looked back, I saw the deadly souls of the demons. I sprinted with all my might, even though my heart was pounding like a drum. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of my house so I ran even faster. Without warning, I realised I had made it home. But as I looked back, a bright shining light shone through my body! I tried to run, but my limbs would not obey. I realised, with rising horror that my life force and soul had been taken.

Written by: Joseph, Harry, Max H, Elissa and Brooke!

As I reached the bottom of the sky path, mist surrounded me. Then I started to run up the sky path and many monsters glared at me. I could see flesh dripping down their teeth. The monsters surrounded me like sky scrapers, I carried on walking to unleash a giant monster with a stomach the size of an elephant. I sprinted as fast as I could to find its lair. As I entered the house, a ginormous beast came crawling towards me it was a dog with 3 heads.  Its mouth was full of drool (a bit hit me and I fell to the ground). After a while, I got back up and bolted out of the house. I went to the front of the island, but I forgot about the monsters…

I pulled my mighty sword out of my pocket and charged at my victims. With force, I got my shield and shouted “Ahhhh – be ready to meet your doom!”

Written by: Jacob P, Yaqoob H, Lauren M and George H.

As I climbed up the unstable ladder, one of the bars snapped. As I got higher, more bars started to snap. It still didn’t stop me.  I was at the top of the ladder when it hit me, cold, fresh wind. The wind knocked me out. As I fell, I knew my fate was near in the Canyon of Doom! When I fell closer to the ground, an unusual figure appeared. All of a sudden, the figure came closer and caught me. The creature chucked me on its shoulder and hurriedly climbed to the peek of the ladder. At the top of the ladder I saw a new world full of magic. The creature screeched and made an absurd noise in my ear. He flew me to his home.  The thing came into the light and its face was real. So we talked for a bit. A while later, we became friends and I lived with him. The monster, who was very kind, loved spending time with me.

Written by: Jacob E, Svana, Sahil, Charley and Daisy.

As I was walking into the mysterious land of terror, I spotted a staircase leading up. Walls surrounded me. as I climbed the Skypath, the ground drew further away. It was like an adrenaline river flowing through my body. As soon as I reached the stairs, an eerie shadow of a man appeared on the wall with blood all over it. The shadow was a monster! Every time I cautiously grew closer, it came more familiar. My body felt weak and numb, the man walked closer and started to fade away. I was terrified too think what that man could do to me. Praying for my dear life, I was hoping that it would all be okay…

Written by: Alfie, Anju, George W, Srihan, Serena and Saad!

I saw a ladder creep up into darkness. As I glanced up to the eerie sky, a furious squirrel scuttled down, so I pulled out my box of matches and set the ladder alight. All of a sudden, dead birds and squirrels came hurtling down from the blazing ladder. When the fire grew to the top of the ladder, a figure emerged from the misty smoke. When I glanced up, I saw the fierce glow of fire above me. With fury, the fire came towards me.  With fear in my eyes, I walked back and threw water over the fire. The shadowy figure came closer and closer, filling me with nightmares. Suddenly, a rounded burning cow fell into the shadowy figure and they exploded into milk. The milk turned into blood and I pulled my umbrella out to defend myself. I put the umbrella away and everything faded into shadows. All that was left was me in the open smoke…

Written by: Laura, Umayr, Gita , Darcie, Daniel and Max D.

A fantastic job everyone, well done!

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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