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Toilet Paper Solar System!

Friday 11th November | Comments are off for this post

In Science this half term, Year 5 are going to be looking at the topic ‘Earth and Space’. Last week, we started off by looking at our Solar System and the planets that make it up; learning their names and the order in which they appear. We even made up our own mnemonics to help us remember!

Here are a couple of our favourites:

Many Villains Eat Mushy Jam Soup Under Nuts.

Monkeys Venture East Munching Jared’s Stupid Underwear Now.

Many Venomous Elephants Make Jockeys Sing Under Nets.

Many Violent Eggs May Jump Slyly Up Nuts.

This week, we looked at the scale of the Solar System and we realised just how huge it actually is. To help us to put it into perspective, we scaled it all down so that the Sun measured 9cm. We then used a roll of toilet paper to represent the distances between the sun and the planets, with each square representing 20,000,000km. As it turned out, we needed to use the entire roll, plus a little extra to fit the sun and eight planets in!

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