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Gravity and Air Resistance

Wednesday 13th September | Comments are off for this post

Today we created parachutes of different sizes to try and prove that a parachute with a largest surface area would fall slower than a parachute with a smaller surface area. This is because the bigger the surface area, the higher the air resistance.

We split into 6 groups and each group created a parachute with a varying surface area – from a square 10 cm by 10cm, to a square 60cm by 60cm!

We used bin bags to create the parachute and blue tack to provide a weight.  We used string and sellotape to join the materials.  We kept the amount of blue tack the same and the length of the string the same just to ensure the test was fair.  We also tried our best to drop each parachute from an equal height.  To ensure the test was accurate we repeated it several times.

We managed to prove that the parachutes with bigger surface areas fell much slower than parachutes with smaller surface areas.

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