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An Exploration of Circulation!

Wednesday 10th July | Comments are off for this post

This week our Year 5 classes were given the fantastic opportunity to visit Grangefield for a special science lesson created just for us! In these sessions, the children learned all about their hearts and how hard they work as they pump blood throughout the body. This is not typically a Year 5 topic, however since it is almost the end of the year, we wanted to really get the children exited for science in Year 6 (where they will be studying the circulatory system).

We met our very enthusiastic guest teachers, who started us off with a true or false quiz on the heart and our blood. We then learned all about what blood is made of (including red blood cells that carry oxygen and white blood cells that help fight off all the nasty things that can enter your body). The children even got to have a close look at some photographs of blood that were taken under a microscope!

To make things even more exiting, the children were then taught all about the heart and its role in the body. We looked at the different sections of the heart, including the aorta, vena cava, left and right ventricles and the valves that prevent the blood from flowing the wrong way. Then came the children’s favourite part…


Working in pairs, the children dissected their hearts in order to find all the parts they had just been told about.  They all made some fantastic observations (like the fact that the heart is incredibly tough to cut into!) and even tugged on a few heartstrings along the way. Literally!

The teachers at Grangefield were so impressed with how well the children worked and the answers that they were giving. Hopefully, the children enjoyed themselves as much as they seemed and will be able to take this knowledge with them into Year 6!

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