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A Scientific Mystery…

Friday 9th February | 3 comments

This week in Science, we have been exploring a mystery material. This involved trying to figure out what it was based on the properties that it has.

The children made some fantastic predictions about what they thought it might be – supported by their observations about the appearance and feel of the material. Some thought it might be some sort of washing powder or detergent, others thought it might be something food related, like bicarbonate of soda.

What do you think it might be?

After our predictions had been made, we started to add some water to the material to see what would happen. Each time a small amount of water was added, the material absorbed it and then expanded. The children wrote down their observations and made a final prediction based on their results.

The goggles were not really necessary, but the children wanted to feel more scientific during their experiments.

With our experiments complete, it was time to reveal what the material actually was: Sodium Polyacrylate. This is a super-absorbent material that is sometimes more commonly referred to as fake snow (or that powdery stuff you get inside babies nappies). You can have a look at it in action below.

3 responses to “A Scientific Mystery…”

  1. Chloe A says:

    Miles loved this lesson, and it’s been great to discuss the differences between fake snow and the real snow that has been falling.

  2. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    Very intriguing!

  3. Peter Harris says:

    Well done Miss Levett (and 5L). It is always good to get some ‘Wow’ moments in primary science!

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