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A new day in 5L…

Tuesday 8th October | 1 comment

What a fantastic week we have had in 5L – a week full of interesting things!


In maths this week, we finished off our work on Roman Numerals and negative numbers (which the children did fantastically well with) and started looking at addition. After a short refresher on how to use column methods of addition, the children had a go at some calculations of their own, even dealing with decimals in some instances. They were also able to explain some of the mistakes made by other children and find missing digits from calculations. I wonder if you can figure this one out?


In literacy this week, we have been continuing our work on the Odyssey. Last week, we were writing diary entries as the cyclops Polyphemus but this week we have been focusing on Circe’ pig men and Odysseus’ return to Ithaca. The children were asked to plan and write a newspaper article on one of these two topics, which proved to be no easy feat. By the end of our lesson on Thursday however, we had some truly excellent newspaper articles that included both direct and reported speech, pictures with captions and all were written in chronological order.


It has been a very good week for science in Year 5. In our lessons, we were exploring the concept of water resistance and testing which shapes would move through the water more easily. After some rigorous testing, we discovered that the cone shape moved much more easily than the cube, due to it having a smaller surface area and being more streamlined.

We also had the fantastic opportunity to work with Ruth Fain to set up some air quality monitoring. Miss Fain brought in some specialised equipment that we have set up in three very specific locations around the school. These tubes will help us monitor the levels of Nitrogen Dioxide around school. In a month, we will gather up the equipment and send it off to a lab, where they will analyse our data and send it back to us.

One response to “A new day in 5L…”

  1. Claire says:

    Rebecca is really enjoying the Ancient Greek topic, she’s been retelling Medusa’s and Polyphemus’ stories and even recreating them in lego!

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