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What is peace?

Friday 5th July | 1 comment

This week in R.E., 5L have been looking at the concept of peace – what it means and how difficult is is to create and maintain. The children had some fantastic ideas about this and were all eager to share them with the rest of the class.

Once we had settled on a definition of peace, the children were asked to create a symbol that they felt represented their ideas about what peace meant to them. We had some truly wonderful creations that really helped to show that though everyone’s ideas were different, there were similarities between them all.

To finish off, the children each wrote a poem about peace. Again, we had some really wonderful ideas coming through about their definition of peace. Have a look at some of the poems the children wrote:

One response to “What is peace?”

  1. Christine (Joseph W) says:

    These poems and symbols of peace are beautiful – well done everyone!

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