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RE in year 5

Tuesday 11th July | 1 comment

During Spring term in RE Year 5 worked on a topic about Islam. The children learned about Muhammad and how the words of the Qur’an were revealed to him – this is why the holy book is treated in such a special way We then found out more about the stories in the Qur’an and how they give advice about how to live your life. We explored themes such as how to lead a good life, acts of kindness, forgiveness, patience and helping others and looked at how these themes are relevant to people’s lives today.

This term in RE Year 5 have been working on a topic called ‘What matters most to believers?’

This has involved looking in depth at rules and laws and our inner codes that help us make the right choices in the way we behave. We have studied things that matter particularly in Christianity and Islam by looking at stories and examples set by the leaders. We have also looked quite deeply at the Humanist point of view and how we should make the right choices because it is the right thing to do to lead a good life. We have compared values and beliefs and agreed that an important thing that matters to all is peace.

One response to “RE in year 5”

  1. Marion C says:

    From the photos it looks like you were doing some great role play in this lesson. I bet this really brought the subject to life and been good fun too!

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