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Adverts can be misleading!

Wednesday 20th September | Comments are off for this post

In PSHE, we learnt that you shouldn’t believe everything in the media.

Adverts especially can be misleading.  Some adverts will exaggerate or even lie to customers to encourage them to buy their products.  Other adverts may play on someone’s insecurities and may seem to offer them a way to feel better about themselves. Some may promise the customer a better way of life if they use their product.

One funny example, was the advert below.

This was a funny way to try and encourage men to buy the product.  They would smell so attractive that even angels would fall from heaven to meet them! Sadly, this just isn’t true!

Unfortunately, however, some adverts may try to influence how someone feels about the ‘perfect life’ or the ‘perfect body image’.  They aim to manipulate how you feel and make you think you need their product to be happy / beautiful / rich / popular.






The slogan ‘eating less is a beautiful thing’, could be very damaging for some people.  They may believe that in order to be beautiful, they must eat less or be thin.  This could lead to people eating an unbalanced diet or having a bad self-image.

It is important to remember that the media cannot decide what is beautiful and what isn’t.  More importantly, year 5 agreed it was more important to be beautiful on the inside.

The main thing we learnt from this lesson was to be mindful of what you see in adverts. To think for yourself about what it important to you and to not be influenced to buy something you don’t need.

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