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Tuesday 7th March | Comments are off for this post

In PE this week we became survivalists! First, we discussed what is needed to survive and we rated these things in order of importance.  We decided that shelter is necessary for survival and went on to discuss what a good shelter needed.  The pupils agreed that a shelter does not need to be fancy; it just needs to protect someone from rain and wind a potentially provide some warmth.

The group split into three smaller groups, who then competed against each other to build the best shelter.  They were rated on:

  1. How water-proof the shelter was.
  2. How sturdy the shelter was.
  3. How comfortable the shelter was.

To test how water-proof the shelters were, we took some large bottles filled with water! You can guess what happened next!

I was incredibly impressed with all three groups.  They showed brilliant team work and used each member to their strengths. It turned out pupils were very interested in the theme of ‘survival’, so we may look into this further next week.

Below are the three shelters.

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