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Another week in year 5!

Friday 24th November | 6 comments

In maths we are continuing with our topic of multiplication, learning about square and cube numbers.  Soon we will finish this topic and move onto statistics!

In literacy we have begun planning and writing sections to our science fiction stories.  Both year 5 teachers are really excited to read the finished work!

In science we learnt about days and years.  We learnt that day and night happens due to the Earth spinning on its axis, and we learnt that it takes 365 days for the Earth to orbit the sun – this is a year!

In geography we have been improving our knowledge of the continents.  Children have really enjoyed exploring our world using google earth!

In PE we have been working hard on all our skills.  Below are some photos from the gymnastics lessons!

6 responses to “Another week in year 5!”

  1. HUSNA says:

    Science has been amazing this week! SPACE!

    Gymnastics too. Balancing and roily polys.

    this week was great

  2. Husna says:

    Gymnastics was great all the balances and jumping on two feet!

    I love science and I love space !

  3. Nadine Armitage says:

    Very impressive!!

  4. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    Impressive gymnastic pictures! And will look forward to the science fiction stories!

  5. Rosie (Amelia) Rose says:

    Some lovely balancing girls !

  6. Lisa says:

    Gymnastics looks fun, and a bit less muddy than the running activities this week!

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