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5B residential day 2

Tuesday 24th May | 11 comments


A beautiful, beautiful day in fabulous surroundings and we have had a wonderful time. Basically, it was half a day caving near Ribblehead and half a day biking in Gisburn Forest.

The first group biking were generally the least confident, except Bailey who excelled again having also been a superb leader and navigator on the night walk last night. Many of these children had only learnt to ride very recently, but they all managed 5 miles of undulating, rough terrain around the forest. For many, this was an amazing achievement. They showed grit and determination and they are proud of themselves. We split into two groups and some children did some addtional challenges. We had a few spills, with one girl ‘remodelling’ a pair of leggings – has the ripped jeans look spread to leggings yet? She recovered well and has had a good day despite this.

The second biking group were generally more confident and they all did very well. We travelled at pace and had time for a bonus session on the red skills loop. Most of the children also had repeated runs on the ‘bumps’ and showed good skills. The progress that many of these children have shown in cycling skills is fantastic! Many thanks to Mandy and Joe Parker at school, Chris Young at British Cycling and Matthew Asquith at East Bradford Cycle Club.

We didn’t get many photos today – we were far too busy! We have got a little video:


The caving was led by Charlie Pyatt from the local Sports Partnership. The children got all kitted out and headed for caves near Ribblehead viaduct. They all bravely went into at least one cave and some  in the afternoon group managed three! In the caves, there were a number of challenges for the children which were easier for them than the adults! Everyone got pretty wet!

Tonight the children have spent a few hours playing in the garden, lounge or games room. They have got on very well and have been a delight to take away so far.  One or two girls have been a little homesick but they have been easily distracted. They were all quite quiet in the late afternoon, but since dinner they have had a new lease of life!

Tomorrow, we will get the children to pack and we will do a river study before catching the train home. They are due at New Pudsey at 3.00 and should be back at school for home time.

11 responses to “5B residential day 2”

  1. Alice says:

    Caving was my favourite part I’m just a bit sad that we didn’t have enough time to go in caves 2and 3 but we had extra time to go cycling

  2. Nicole Gilhooley says:

    A great day with all the kids trying so hard to challenge themselves.

    A big thanks to Matt, Chris and Charlie for their input which was invaluable. Such a great group of kids.

  3. Polly says:

    I had a great time on residential, thank you so much!!! My parents have loved seeing the updates and photos. I can’t wait for Y6 residential!!!

  4. Alisa's Auntie says:

    The pictures look amazing! It looks like they’ve all been having a wonderful time. Thank you so much to the staff for giving the children this opportunity!
    I can’t wait to hear all about it from Alisa when she gets back.

  5. Tania Deighton says:

    The biking and caving looks amazing. 5 miles WOW! that’s fantastic, well done everyone. I can’t wait for Leah to tell me all about it. The house has been too quiet without her 🙂

  6. Sammi's mum says:

    The cycling looked challenging, well done everyone. What lovely weather you are having!

  7. Alisa's mum says:

    What an amazing experience! Thank you to all the staff for taking the children on this brilliant trip and for preparing them so well for it too.

  8. Mr Cooke says:

    Thanks for the update Y5. Looks like you had a fabulous day yesterday. Enjoy the Ribblehead Viaduct walk this morning and the train journey home this afternoon.
    Mr Cooke

  9. Amanda says:

    Wow! Looks amazing, well done 5B! Thanks for the pics and updates.

  10. Megz says:

    You look like you’re having a fantastic time! I’m happy to hear you’re all behaving!!

  11. Miss Barraclough says:

    5B it looks like you’re all having a great time. Well done to you all, you should all be very proud of yourselves.

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