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This Week in Year 5

03/03/2017 at 17:57


We are now two weeks into the second half of the term and both classes are continuing to do well.

In Literacy we have been continuing our work on persuasive adverts. The children have been working in small groups to create their own adverts designed to sell ‘useless’ products (such as a toilet roll hat or umbrella shoes). We had some very interesting results!

In Maths, we have been continuing our work with decimal numbers – moving from comparing and ordering decimals to adding and subtracting them. The children have been applying the addition and subtraction methods that we learnt at the start of the year and have done really well (despite the addition of a decimal point).

In Science we had a closer look at the parts of plants by dissecting a few in class. The children were able to see for themselves all of the different parts of some flowers and compare them. They noticed that some flowers have parts that others don’t (for example the stamen) and discussed why that might be the case.

Finally, to end the week we had our World Book Day celebrations. The children came as a variety of different characters in some fantastic costumes that really brightened up the classroom. Throughout the day, the children put their persuasive skills to the test in a Storybook Courtroom where Alice (of Wonderland fame) had been put on trial for the theft of the Queen of Hearts’ jam tarts. Some children created arguments to defend Alice, using the evidence provided to find new suspects. Others used it to prove that Alice was the only one who could have committed the crime. Both sides presented some brilliant arguments but in the end, the jury in 5L decided that Alice was guilty. Off with her head!

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Leeds City Cross Country Final

02/03/2017 at 20:12


This afternoon, Mr Tiffany and Miss Barraclough took 22 children from years 4 – 6 to the Leeds Cross Country final at Middleton Park, which is next to the John Charles Centre for Sport. The weather was… erm… classic cross-country weather with rain, high winds and the occasional splash of sun.


They were competing against schools from across the city and there were approximately 100 children in each of the races. Every Farfield child that took part was a superb example of what makes a great citizen; they gave it their all and should be immensely proud of themselves because they never gave up and ran their hearts out.


Because there were so many children running, the results take much longer to process so we don’t have the final standings as of yet.




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5B Advertising!

02/03/2017 at 13:26


This work is related to our lessons on persuasive language.  We’re taking orders, but be quick ; we expect these products to fly off the shelves!


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Music 5B

27/02/2017 at 15:50


Today we learned to read and perform a piece of music!

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The first week back…

24/02/2017 at 12:20


Year 5 came back to school with a fantastic attitude and got straight into their learning.

In Literacy, we are looking at persuasive language – something a lot of us seem to be experts at already! We heard about the different techniques the children use to persuade their parents to buy them something, or to persuade their siblings to let them play with something.  We even heard the ‘top-tips’ on how to persuade your mum to let you choose the radio station on the way to work!

In Maths this half term, we are looking at decimals and percentages.  This week, pupils have been comparing and ordering decimals.  To finish the week off we looked at the nutritional values of different flavoured crisps, ordering them accordingly then adding the decimals to a number line.  It is particularly tricky to place your decimal when there is more than one decimal point.  We must remember that the ‘tenths’ hold the largest value.

In Science we will be looking at the reproductive system of plants and animals.  This week, we found out just why bees are so important in the reproduction of plants, as they transfer pollen from one plant to another.  We are hoping to look into this further and also get some flowers which we can deconstruct and dissect, to study them further. We also are looking forward to learning about the gestation periods of different animals, including humans.

In Topic, we are focusing on South America.  We were very impressed to see how much the pupils already knew.  In our first lesson, we looked at where South America is in relation to ourselves.  Using the satellite on google-maps, we zoomed in to different countries in South America to compare what we could observe in terms of landscape, climate and human features.  Pupils really enjoyed the freedom involved in this task – it would be a fun thing to do at home too!

The year ahead – We are halfway through the year now! We are really pleased with the progress the pupils have made and look forward to seeing this continue.  Keep up your home learning and enjoy any experiences you have outside of school, as they are all further opportunities to learn!  If you need any additional copies of anything, such as the spelling lists, just let an adult know and they can provide you with these.

Please see below for some photos of this week’s maths activities!

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5L Trip to the Leeds City Museum

04/02/2017 at 13:47


This week 5L went on a trip to the Leeds City Museum for a workshop on the Anglo-Saxons. The children had a great time completing both the activities provided by the museum as part of the workshop and exploring the other exhibits in the museum.

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