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01/03/2019 at 16:19



In Science this week the children have been looking at how flowering plants reproduce. We explored a wide range of vocabulary including: trumpet, filament, anther and many more. As we have been so lucky with the recent weather, lots of daffodils have been appearing. In the lesson, we dissected daffodils and looked at all of the part used in the cycle. The children were excellent during this process and produced some wonderful work! Here are some examples.

Please remember to log into TTrocks and Spelling shed to practice your skills!

Enjoy the weekend,

Miss Jones


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End of Spring 1!

15/02/2019 at 13:49


Hi all,

It has been a short but busy half term and the children have been working exceptionally hard (especially on their extreme learning work). The children have achieved 100% every week since the start of this term which is a fabulous achievement! We have had a little extra Dojo time today as a reward for all of their hard work.


Over the past two weeks, 5J have been exploring the Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. When first reading the poem, the children were a little put off by the bizarre and unusual language used. Over the course of a few lessons, we explored these terms further and the children even used the skills of portmanteau to write their own nonsense words.  Following on from this, we looked at the Jubjub bird and used our imaginations to draw what we thought this creature would look like. There were some fabulous sketches and the children used these well to write some amazing character descriptions.


Next term we will be looking at decimals, percentages and fractions. It would be useful if you could look at these concepts with the children so they have seen them in the real world before beginning the learning. 50% off at the shop, £ and pence on the shopping bill are some ideas you could explore.

I have set some mathematics and learning log homework for over half term. It would be great if the children could also log onto Spelling Shed, TT rocks and Mathletics over the half term to earn some online points. I will be keeping an eye on the scores!

I hope you all have a wonderful half term break and enjoy the sunshine which has appeared!

Miss Jones

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Order in the Court!

01/02/2019 at 15:53


This week in our history lesson, we looked at crime and punishment in the Anglo-Saxon times and how they compare to the Modern Age. We found that, although many of the laws are similar, the punishments were drastically different and significantly more brutal than the ones we use today. Perhaps even worse than the punishments were the ‘Trials by Ordeal’, which were used to help a jury decide whether a defendant was innocent or guilty. There were three main ordeals that were used, though none were particularly pleasant!

In the cold water ordeal, a person would have their limbs bound before being thrown in a lake. If they sank to the bottom they were innocent but if they floated they were not.

In the hot water ordeal, a person had to pull a rock from the bottom of a cauldron filled with boiling water. Their hands were then bandaged and if after three days they were healing, they were declared innocent. If it was infected however, you were guilty.

Finally, the iron bar ordeal had defendants carrying a blisteringly hot iron bar for 9 feet. From here, their hands were bandaged and the results the same as the hot water ordeal.

I wonder if any of the children can remember what some of the problems with these ordeals were?

After we had discussed some of the punishments used by the Anglo-Saxons, we divided into groups to role play in a court room. The children were each given a case to work with and were divided into two teams: The Anglo-Saxons and the Modern British People. Each side had to present a punishment for the case and explain why this was the better choice. Whose arguments do you think were more convincing?

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A chilly week!

01/02/2019 at 14:16


It has been a very cold week outside but 5J have continued to work hard and produced some great pieces of work.


In maths this week we have extended our fraction knowledge further and have been exploring mixed number and improper fractions. We use lots of practical resources to begin with and then used out multiplication knowledge to solve some pretty challenging questions! Well done 5J. Here are some images of the children using practical resources to solve problems.


This week we have been drawing our Beowulf topic to a close and the children were asked to re-tell the battle scene between Grendel and Beowulf. They were able to change lots of details about the story and tailor it with their own imagination and thoughts. I cannot wait to look through the pieces of writing at the weekend as the snip-its I have heard from the children sounded fantastic.


Have a lovely weekend everyone and wrap up warm!

Miss Jones

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Year 5 Dance

25/01/2019 at 16:51


This half-term in dance we have been looking at how we can use movement and performance to tell a story. This has involved exploring the ways in which we can move our bodies and what emotion each movement can evoke. For example a slower, more exaggerated or more restricted movement might signify sadness or pain, whereas a more open, upbeat and ‘short’ movement might signify happiness or excitement.

To begin with, we had a look at some professional dances and discussed the stories that they might be telling. The children particularly enjoyed this performance, coming up with some lovely interpretations:

Once we had an idea of how a story could be told, we started to have a go at own own dances, centred around a particular emotion (in this case, sadness). I was really impressed with how well the children captured this emotion with their dance movements, particularly as many children had even considered what the stories behind their dances were! We had a lot of children telling stories about friendships breaking apart or people who wanted to be with each other but being unable to. Although not everyone wanted their performances to be filmed, we wanted to share what we had done with you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

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Artefact Alert!

25/01/2019 at 16:42


In our history lesson this week we have been looking at different historical artefacts to see what they can tell us about the Anglo-Saxon period.

The children were given an assortment of replica artefacts to examine and asked to consider the following questions:

  • What do you think the object is?
  • Who do you think might have used it or owned it?
  • What can this artefact tell you about the Anglo-Saxons?

There were some really fantastic discussions going on about what each object was and what we could learn about the Anglo-Saxons once we figured it out. Some of the artefacts were fairly easy to figure out (for example the wooden object with prongs) but others proved quite difficult (the rounded metal piece). I was really impressed with all of the explanations that the children gave to back up their ideas. Even if they weren’t correct in the end, they were very logical and well-thought out.

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