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09/11/2018 at 17:47


This week we have been focusing on Remembrance Sunday. The children were given the task of writing an emotive poem about World War One. The children were really enthusiastic about this and have constructed some fantastic work. Language has been a huge focus during writing this week and the children have experimented with a range of poetic techniques including; onomatopoeia, alliteration, similes and metaphors.

During the week we have also been doing some research into Farsley’s local heritage and explored the names of the service men who sacrificed their lives during the World Wars. In honour of their bravery, we made a wreath which includes 91 service men from World War One and the 34 names from World War Two. The children produced some beautiful poppies and were fascinated to explore the names from Farsley – some with similar surnames to themselves!

On Friday, we visited Farsley Cenotaph. The children were exceptionally well behaved and shared some of their poems at the site. Before leaving, we put our wreath and the foot of the cenotaph to honour all of the local people who did not return home. During out time at the cenotaph, we also held a two minute silence to think about the soldiers and their families.

Here are some images of out visit and work from this week.

If you would like to attend the Remembrance service on Sunday it is going to be held at the cenotaph at 1pm.

Here are some of the poems that were read out at the cenotaph.

Have a lovely weekend,

Miss Jones

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We Remember…

09/11/2018 at 15:47


With Remembrance Day just around the corner, we spent some time in Year 5 discussing why we have a day dedicated to remembering. The children all had some fantastic ideas and showed a good understanding of what Remembrance Day is, as well as the reasons that it exists. We also had a look at the reasons why the poppy was selected as the flower of remembrance and tied it into the famous poem ‘In Flanders Fields’.

The children then had a go at creating a piece of artwork in honour of remembrance. We used simple colours and silhouettes and the children each chose their favourite part of the poem to include. I think you will all agree that the end products looking amazing!

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Return to 5L!

09/11/2018 at 15:46


After what I assume has been a nice, relaxing week off, 5L have returned and have really dived headfirst into the work. We have covered so much that we just had to share it all with you!


We started off the week by looking at how to multiply and divide numbers by 10, 100 and 1000. Using a place value grid, the children quickly recognised some of the patterns and came up with some rules to help them remember:

  • When multiplying by 10, the value of each digit increases by 10 and therefore moves one column to the left.
  • When multiplying by 100, the value of each digit increases by 100 and therefore moves two columns to the left.
  • When multiplying by 1000, the value of each digit increases by 1000 and therefore moves three columns to the left.
  • The same rules apply for division only moving to the right.

We then put our times table knowledge to good use, finding common multiples (particularly the least common multiple) for given times tables. Next week we will be looking at factors as well.


In literacy this week, we have started to explore a brand new topic – Science-Fiction. We started out by looking at genres in general, what they are and how to identify them, before looking in more detail at Sci-Fi itself. To round off the week, we designed and described our own aliens. Next week we are going to be sharing these descriptions with a partner and seeing if they are able to accurately draw them based on the given details. Check back next week to see how that goes!


In topic, we have been continuing our work on the things that we have today only because of the Ancient Greeks. We focused particularly in on architecture this week and realised that their methods of building were very strong and stable. As a result, we made some mini structures of our own to test this discovery. It was a little tricky at times, but we managed it in the end!

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End of Autumn One!

26/10/2018 at 13:23


It has been a fabulous start to the year in 5J. We have have lots of fun and completed some fabulous learning.

Here is a showcase of some of the learning which has been going on… 

I hope you get lots of rest over the half term and come back ready to explore Sci-fi stories, multiplication, division and much more!


Over half-term I would like the children to complete a maths and reading test paper. This is covering elements we have learnt so far and will demonstrate what they can remember.

I will also be putting a blog on with some small, enjoyable task to complete during the break!

Have fun everyone and Happy Halloween!

Miss Jones

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Week 7 in 5J

19/10/2018 at 18:00


This week has flown past and I can’t believe we are almost at the end of this half term!


This week we have been using our planning skills, developing characters for next weeks writing task. The children will be drawing on all of their knowledge from this half terms learning to write the own Greek Myth. In preparation for this we have designed a hero and a mythical monster. The children sketched their ideas before mapping out some vocabulary and phrases to use in their writing. The children were very keen to make precise vocabulary choices and improved this by using the thesaurus. I am looking forward to seeing these characters in action next week when we complete the myths.



We have moved on from addition this week and are now focusing on subtraction. The children have used their column subtraction method well to solve trick 6 digit problems. As the children were so amazing, we moved onto 2-step word problems which proved to be a little tricky! We persevered and worked together to solve the problems and I am very proud of how hard everyone has worked.

Homework this week is focusing on column subtraction so I hope they can all remember how it is done!

Here is a video clip to help if not.

Here is another video that might help if you don’t understand how subtraction with ‘decomposition’ works:


This week we have explored everything the Ancient Greeks did for us. The children discovered that there are many elements to modern day life which the Ancient Greeks introduced. Some of these include: language, fashion, Olympic Games and democracy. The children made some excellent notes around these areas and were able to confidently discuss these in groups.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Miss Jones

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12/10/2018 at 17:19


We have had a great week this week and even though there have been a few sniffles, we have achieved some great things.



In English we have been writing a news report. This has been challenging as the language and style are difficult. The children have persevered with this and have produced some good pieces of writing which we are going to re-draft using our ICT skills.



This week we have looked at addition for the first time this year. The children used their written methods well to tackle some difficult problems. I hope that they can remember these skills and apply them independently in their homework.

Here is a short video clip to show how it is done.


Have a lovely weekend! Don’t forget to complete extreme learning after we achieved 100% this week!

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