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5L residential 2017 Day 1

22/05/2017 at 23:41


This evening, towards the end of the Night Walk, Dylan commented: “It’s hard to believe that this has all been the same day!”

We got here safely although the minibuses were diverted due to a road closure and the ‘railway children’ were a bit delayed. After the children had all got off the train, a man called Phil Jackson introduced himself to Miss Levett: he is a Health and Safety advisor for Leeds City Council and he had been on the trains since New Pudsey watching the Farfield group and judging us against the risk assessment and plans we had made. He had ticked off every element of the risk assessment and reported that Miss Levett and the children had been exemplary! He spent the rest of the afternoon with us and left very happy.

The children are all safe and sound but tired. It is ten past eleven as I type this and the children are having supper and hot chocolate. Lights out will probably be about 11.30 or so.

This afternoon the children have been caving and have done a river study. The children have been brave and rose to the challenges of the caving. On the river study, we looked at different features of a river and were able to watch spectacular sand martins. At one point, seven sand martins shot out of their holes close by like cannonballs!

For dinner we had delicious home made tomato soup followed by a pasta bake and garlic bread. For pudding, we have had apple and rhubarb crumble and custard (rhubarb from Farfield Farm).

Later on, we went for a night walk. Highlights were no doubt finding  an almost complete skeleton of a sheep (much of which we will be bringing back to Farfield for our Nature Table) and then a sheep skull watching us from the top of a wall as we went through a deserted, derelict settlement!

Tomorrow, we have mountain biking and the Waterfall Walk.

Update: The children fell asleep very quickly and have had a good night’s sleep as far as we can tell. A few are stirring now (between 6 and 7) and we will wake them all up soon.


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What’s been happening in year 5?

22/05/2017 at 16:20


Maths:  After working very hard, pupils have just about finished their geometry topic.  We have learnt a great deal including: how to measure and estimate angles;  how to identify shapes based on their features; how to reflect geometric designs across a line of symmetry; how to translate shapes and describe translations;  finally, how to write coordinates and plot the missing points for various polygons.

Next half term our math’s topic will be ‘measures’. During this topic we will learn: how to write time both in an analogue and digital format; how to work out time intervals; how to plan fun events by using our time effectively; how to convert between units of time; how to work out area and perimeter of shapes; how to convert between units of money; how to convert between metric and imperial measures; finally, how to solve problems including ALL of the above!

As you can see, even though its the last half term we will still be very busy.  To get a head start you can make sure you are confident in telling the time both using a digital and analogue clock.  You should also brush up on you skills involving adding and subtracting with decimals, as this will help you when trying to find change from amounts of money.

Literacy: In Literacy pupils worked extremely hard this half term.  We covered some very tricky SPAG elements such as prepositional phrases and modal verbs. This is something we will do some more of in the last half term.  We also spent several weeks working towards an extended piece of writing.  Pupils were directed to write an explanation text on a topic of their choice.  We had some really unique and creative ideas, from how to execute the perfect fly-kick, to how to perform tricks with a fidget spinner!

Next half term we will be travelling back in time to learn about William Shakespeare and we shall be studying some of his plays.  We may have a go creating our own play scripts and we may even have a go at performing them too! To prepare for this, it would be very helpful for you to have some knowledge of at least one of Shakespeare plays.  There is a wide variety of ways in which to ‘get into Shakespeare’.  There are many child-friendly play adaptations and also child-friendly cartoons or theatre productions which you could watch.

Trip to Yorkshire Water Treatment Works: We had a truly fantastic trip to the water treatment works. It felt very special to be able to actually get right up to the various machines that filter the water and make it safe for us to drink.  We learnt an awful lot and all this knowledge will come in very handy for our upcoming topic on the water-cycle, with a particular focus on rivers, to support our visit next half term to Malham.  Please enjoy the photos attached.  5L’s photos to follow!

Residential: Of course, the last week of this half term is all about RESIDENTIAL!!!  We hope all the children have a safe, enjoyable time and gain a lot from the experience.  There will be blogs to follow which will include lots of photos, so keep checking the blog for updates (especially if you are missing your little-ones and the house is eerily quiet!)

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This Week in Year 5

05/05/2017 at 16:43


In Year 5 this week, we have been continuing to work hard in the build-up to residential.

In literacy, we have been having a go at writing explanation texts. In 5L we received a letter from Wallace (of Wallace and Gromit fame) asking for help in designing new inventions and explaining how they work. We have had some fantastic designs, (from a machine that cooks and cleans for you to one that turns toast back into bread) each of them unique and brilliantly bizarre!

In maths we have been developing our knowledge of angles and applying it to find angles of various different shapes and intersecting lines using given values. At first we found it a little tricky, but with lots of hard work and focus we seem to have cracked it.


As you may have seen in some of our earlier posts, our science lessons got a little messy this week as we explored the viscosity (or thickness) of different liquids. We learnt that, although they share certain similarities, not all liquids are the same and that some (for example golden syrup) are thicker than others (such as water). We also explored whether a particular type of liquid could have a different viscosity depending on its brand, in this case tomato ketchup.

We are looking forward to more fantastic work from both classes next week and are eagerly counting down the days until residential. Only a few more weeks to go…

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Science Lessons in 5B

05/05/2017 at 14:30


As promised – KETCHUP!!!

It wasn’t all fun and games; pupils in 5B had to plan and carry out a scientific investigation. We we investigating which of 3 different ketchup brands was the most viscous.  If something is very viscous, or has a high level of viscosity, it means it is very thick and sticky.  If something has low levels of viscosity it is very runny and watery.

We decided to measure how far each ketchup had travelled (down a slope) after 30 seconds and decided that whichever had travelled the least distance was the most viscous.  We made sure to use the same amount of ketchup and same gradient of slope so that it was a fair test.  We also repeated the experiment 3 times to make sure our results were accurate.  There are some photos below!

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Design and Technology

28/04/2017 at 16:05


Apologies for the delay! Here are our wonderful rain-forest creations made only with felt, thread and stuffing!

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This week in year 5!

28/04/2017 at 16:01


In literacy we have been focusing on explanation texts.  An explanation text is a non-fiction text which describes a process, for example: the water cycle, how bees make honey or how a to build an epic creeper-trap in Minecraft! Mrs Heap also came in to watch some of our guided-reading sessions and she was really impressed with the attitude and the progress pupils are making – well done year 5!

In maths our focus has been angles.  We have learned how to measure and draw angles accurately and we have also worked on our estimating skills. Next week, we will be getting rid of the protractors! Pupils will have to use their knowledge of angles within shapes to work out missing angles in a variety of different problems.  Remember, angles on a straight line and in a triangle will always add to 180.  Angles around a point/on a full turn will add to 360.

In science pupils have had a fantastic time looking at a variety of materials and sorting them based on their properties. We are really looking forward to some of the experiments that are coming up.  Did someone say ketchup? Watch this space!

In topic lessons we have had a varied focus, all of which is to prepare us for residential, so we can get the most enjoyment and learning out of our trip.  We learnt that the Yorkshire Dales is a national park, protected for its beauty and wildlife.  We also learnt about the railway journey from Settle to Carlisle.  Did you know the Ribblehead viaduct has 24 magnificent arches? We learnt many more interesting facts and it has made us even more excited to go and see the viaduct in real life! Finally, we learnt about the 3 main types of rock and how they are formed.  It’s hard to believe that a lot of the Yorkshire Dales is made of limestone (a sedimentary rock) and was formed millions of years ago under tropical seas! When we visit, we could even find a fossil if we are lucky!


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