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29/11/2019 at 16:36



In maths this week, 5W have completed their first multiplication and division topic. Although they have found some aspects challenging, I am impressed with their mathematical thinking perseverance, especially when tackling reasoning and problem-solving tasks. Maths homework this week will serve as a revision task, covering aspects covered earlier in the topic.


This week, we have mainly focussed on punctuating direct speech. The pupils have looked at the difference between reported and direct speech and created human sentences to help them understand the punctuation rules! Next week, we will be looking at more description writing before planning our own exciting sci-fi story.


Our journey into space lead us to orbits this week. We recreated the solar system, with a human sun in the centre and human planets orbiting the sun at drastically different speeds. This really helped the children understand that a year is the length of time that a planet takes to orbit the sun once, whereas a day is the length of time taken for the planet to rotate about its axis. We also had a look at what our ages would be if we were on another planets, as all planets have different length years. Not all children were able to have a go at this, so you want to have a look, follow the link. https://www.exploratorium.edu/ronh/age/

Finally, I want to say a huge well done for all the hard work that is being put into our Christmas production. It is all beginning to come together and I am very much looking forward to our final performance!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Wetherill

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Sherwood and Space: A Year 5 Story

22/11/2019 at 18:14


This week in Year 5 has been a very interesting one. The children have all been working really hard, both in their lessons and in rehearsals.


In literacy this week, both classes have been continuing their work on science-fiction. We have been working on developing descriptions, with a particular focus on creating a sense of atmosphere. This is a quite difficult skill to wield when writing, as it requires and element of ‘showing not telling’. However, once we figured out that we could use phenomenon such as the weather, it became much easier.


In science this week, 5L finally got to roll out the toilet roll solar systems that they created last week in order to get a sense of the sheer scale of it all. We managed to travel most of the way down the corridor, noting that the planets closest to the sun were much closer to each other than those that are further away. It also made it very clear that a lot of space is, surprisingly…. just empty space.

To further drive this point home, we had a look at the wonderful blog post ‘If the Moon Were Only 1 Pixel’. This self-titled ‘tediously accurate’ scale model is another great way of showing just how much space there is in space and a quite fun adventure through the solar system. Have a look yourself and see what we mean:


Christmas Production

Rehearsals for the Christmas production are going really well! The children who have been given a part in the play have all really thrown themselves into their roles, with many of them already starting to learn lines by heart. Miss Wetherill and I are quite often in stiches just watching the rehearsals, which I think bodes really well for the final performance.

Next Thursday, we will be having some rehearsals after school, as well as the first gathering of our prop committee. Be on the lookout for letters about this next week.

We would also like to rehearse without scripts as much as is possible next week, so if those children who have speaking roles could try to learn as many of their lines as possible, that would make the whole production run more smoothly.

We hope you enjoy your weekend!

Miss Levett

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5W Blog

15/11/2019 at 16:26


We have had another exciting week in 5W! From prime numbers to Robin Hood, we have covered a lot!


In maths this week, we have been continuing our multiplication and division topic, looking at common factors, prime numbers and square numbers. I was particularly impressed by the children’s understanding of square numbers, which bodes well for cubed numbers next week!


This week, we have been focussing on descriptive writing which links to our sci-fi topic. Early in the week, the children wrote some detailed alien descriptions using expanded noun phrases and relative clauses. They also wrote some fantastic setting descriptions, conveying different atmospheres with their clever vocabulary choices.


We have continued with our Earth and Space topic this week by scaling the Solar System. Using toilet paper, the children drew a scaled version of the Solar System with one square of toilet paper representing 20,000,000km! We were amazed to see just how enormous our solar system is! Have a look at the photos to see how far the solar system stretched down the corridor!

Christmas Production

The Christmas production of Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies is looming ever closer, so it is really important that children try their best to learn their lines. When learning their own lines, it is also important that children read through the whole scene so they know when they should be on stage and who speaks before/after them too. Reading the scripts and learning lines can count towards extreme learning.

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The Show Must Go On In 5L!

15/11/2019 at 16:24


After what was a fantastic series of auditions last week, Miss Wetherill and I have managed to put together a very capable cast and crew for this year’s Christmas Production and we have so far been very impressed with how well the children have worked in rehearsals! Next week, we will most likely be sending out some letters about costumes and after school rehearsals, so keep your eyes peeled for those.


This week in maths, we have been working with line graphs and tables. At the start of the week, we gathered some information about the temperature of the classroom over the course of the day (we could tell the heating was on!) and then used this information to draw a line graph of our own. Later in the week, we looked at how we can read information presented in a table and how to extrapolate missing values. The children all did fantastically well with this.


Our literacy topic for this half-term is Science-Fiction and we spent some time on building effective descriptions of some very unique settings. To start with, we worked in small groups to identify key words or phrases we could use to describe each image.

Then, we used these mind maps to help write a full description of the setting, thinking about choosing the best language for the job, using more of our senses than just our eyes and giving clear and relevant detail.


This week has been anti-bullying week and so we in 5L took some time to consider what bullying actually is and the impact it can have. To really drive this point home, I sent two apples around the room. The apple on the left was given a compliment by every child, while the apple on the right was insulted or called a name, mainly because it was a little ‘different’. When we had finished, both apples looked exactly as they had when we started.

However, when we cut them open…

The apple that had been bullied was all bruised and ‘rotten’ inside, whilst the apple that had been complimented was clean and pristine. When I asked the children what they thought this meant, they came to the conclusion that even if people look okay on the outside, they might be hiding how they feel on this inside and that words really can hurt. Each child then came up with something they would like to try and do to try and prevent bullying – some saying that they would look for lonely people and invite them to play, others that they would keep checking on their friends to make sure they’re okay.

Both this week’s maths homework and last week’s learning log are due next Wednesday (20th). We would also really appreciate it if those children with lines in the Christmas play could try to learn them at home – this can count as their extreme learning.

Enjoy your weekend!

Miss Levett

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Codename: Autumn 1, Status: Complete

24/10/2019 at 16:45


What an amazing first half-term we have had and this week was no exception! It has been a very long 8 weeks, but the children of 5L have really impressed me with their enthusiasm and desire to learn.


In maths this week, we have been looking at how to check our answers to questions using the inverse operation. At first, a lot of children found this difficult to get their heads round – why would you do a subtraction for an addition calculation? After a couple of lessons however, the children were checking their answers like pros, even answering questions like the one below. I wonder if you can solve it?

I am thinking of a number. I add 3657 to my number, then subtract 26804. Now I have 42,242‬. What number was I thinking of?


This week in literacy, we have been doing some extended writing. As a class, we planned a story in the style of a Greek myth. In the story, our heroes Andronikos and Adriana set off in search of the deadly Chimera and a mystical weapon of great power. Will they manage to succeed in the end? Or will they meet a terrible fate? Check back after half-term for some snippets of these fantastic stories…


As we arrived at the end of our module on forces and simple machines, we in 5L decided that the best way to make use of our knowledge was to create a Rube Goldberg machine. The video below gave us some really good ideas.

The idea was to create a machine that would pop a balloon. I was so impressed with how well the children worked on this, thinking logically about the steps they needed to go through and how they could achieve their goals. There were a lot of incredibly creative ideas!

Unfortunately, we ran out of time just before the children could connect the two halves of their machine together, but after seeing how well they worked independently, I am certain that it would have been one fantastic machine.

I hope you all enjoy your holiday and take this time to rest and recover from what has been a long half-term so that you can come back ready and raring to go. Your homework this week (in addition to the extremely difficult task of resting) is to keep up with your work on Spelling Shed, Times Tables Rockstars and Mathletics. Remember that I will be able to check how much work you have done!

Miss Levett

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5W’s week

12/10/2019 at 08:34


In literacy this week, 5W have been writing some fantastic setting descriptions of ‘Odyssey style’ islands that they designed themselves. I’ve been really impressed with the imagination, creativity and enthusiasm the pupils have shown. Next week, we will be planning our own Greek myth, which I am already looking forward to reading!

This week in maths, we have been continuing with our addition and subtraction topic. Pupils have been adding and subtracting 5-digit numbers and checking their answers using estimation, approximation and inverse calculations. Today we tackled some tricky word problems, which really got our brains working!

Have a look at the formal column addition and subtraction methods we have been using this week:

In our Ancient Greece topic lesson this week, we looked at ways in which the Ancient Greeks have influenced our lives today. We discovered lots of interesting things that were influenced by the Ancient Greeks, such as the Olympics, fashion, architecture, theatre and drama, democracy and language. As part of their Learning Log this week, I have challenged pupils to either find out more information about one of these areas, or find something else that was also influenced by the Ancient Greeks. I hope they can teach me something!

Maths homework is due in on Wednesday 16th October and Learning Logs are due in on Wednesday 23rd October. Please remind pupils to bring their signed Extreme Learning books back every day. If you have any questions about homework, please do not hesitate to contact a member of Year 5 staff as soon as possible.

Have a restful weekend and I look forward to an exciting week next week.

Miss Wetherill

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