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5L Residential: Day One

24/06/2021 at 00:28


5L have made a great start to their residential! We kicked off our journey by travelling from New Pudsey Station to Leeds, then catching a train on the Settle-Carlisle line to reach Ribblehead. There was quite a long wait between the first and second train, but we were all very impressed with how well-behaved the children were (though some children seemed to think and hour and fifteen minutes had passed as they waited, though in actuality, it was only about five at the time).

Upon arrival at the lodge, the first thing to do was to familiarise the children with their home away from home and make sure everyone was settled into their dorms. Once all this was done, it was time to get ready for our first activity of the day – the waterfall walk! But rather than listen to me talk about it, let’s let Ayla explain how that went…

‘Today the first thing we did on residential was going on the waterfall walk. It was really tricky, but it was worth it in the end because we got to see lots of very pretty waterfalls. Most of us were exhausted by the end but it was very fun. When we had walked for some time, we got to do some really fun paddling. Lots of people got really wet but I really enjoyed it. Tonight, we are going on a night walk. I am very excited for this because it will be dark, which means we will have to bring torches.’

The children persevered fantastically well on the waterfall walk, even managing to climb up what seemed at the time like thousands upon thousands of steep steps! After that, we headed back to the lodge to clean up, dry off and have tea. We had a little time to play before and after eating (with some children choosing to play outside and others choosing to play some board games inside) but eventually, after it became a little darker, it was time to embark on our second activity of the day – the night walk!

It was still fairly light when we set off and despite a slip toward the start, the children again did incredibly well. We spotted some sink holes, some old buildings and even had a very interesting impromptu lesson with Phil Jackson about the history of the area, dating all the way back to the Ice Age! Aside from nearly being eaten alive by midges, it was a very successful walk!

The children are now settling down in preparation for the exciting activities that we have planned for tomorrow.

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5W residential day 3

23/06/2021 at 19:46


I hope that the children have come back home today with positive tales to tell. They were an excellent group and should be proud of themselves.

They went to bed late again on Tuesday but earlier than on Monday. They should sleep well tonight. They were quiet very quickly again. We had the odd bump in the night, but generally children slept well.

On Wednesday morning, we went on a river study walk and we also found out more about the building of the Settle-Carlisle Railway and Ribblehead viaduct. Photos to follow.

The river we studied is called Winterscales Beck. It is a strange little river that allows us to study its features without getting wet or drowned. It’s just a matter of timing…

The children should know about vocabulary such as spring, tributary, confluence, erosion, deposition, resurgence, silt and sediment. We watched a brilliant display from a colony of sand martins in front of their sandbank home: to think that those little birds had migrated here from deep in Africa! We also walked through some lovely meadows and enjoyed a great diversity of wild flowers.

The children were very good on the journey home by train. The initial train was unusually busy and, after we returned, we got this lovely unsolicited email:

“Dear Head Teacher,

I have just had the pleasure of sharing a train journey  with a group of young people returning from their residential stay in the Yorkshire Dales. The children were very well behaved, quiet and polite. I enjoyed hearing about the activities and heard children chatting confidently to other passengers about their positive experience.

The train was unexpectedly very full and your pupils moved around carefully without any fuss or commotion. Please pass on my regards; they are a credit to your school. I spotted the school logo on a staff sweatshirt.

Best wishes

Debbie Williamson”

What a lovely way to finish the residential!

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5W Residential Day 2

22/06/2021 at 22:05


Having said that the children were loud yesterday, they have been peculiarly quiet today (until we fed them tonight!). We went to bed very late, partly due to the night walk having been delayed by the fact that it was the summer equinox. We were also delayed by a detour to avoid a field of cows and calves. We had a successful night walk and the children were all quiet within fifteen minutes or so of lights out.

Today has been all about caving and cycling. Again, let the children tell their tales.

“First, we all woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. There was a choice between cereal or toast (with butter, jam, marmalade or baked beans). After we had finished, I helped clean up & dry.

Next, we packed our things and went biking/caving. (Biking was group 2, caving was group 1.) Group 2 went on the minibus to Gisburn Forest. First we went on a skill track, and then we went down some steep hills on single track with sweeping turns. After a while, we found a part where you cycle up the path and then go down the bumps. Then we cycled back to the minibus to have our packed lunch. 

In the afternoon, we went to caving, and it was very dark! There was a bit where the water was up to waist height, and it was freezing! After some more walking, we reached a big pool & a waterfall. One of the instructors put a rope down and we all climbed up the waterfall. Apparently, I was the first Farfield child to climb up it! We climbed back down, and then we had a choice to crawl through the tight passage or go the normal way.

When we got back to the lodge, we poured the water out of our wellies and got out of our caving kit. We then had a shower and chillaxed in the lounge and waited for our pita bread pizzas.” Joshua

“The caving was fun because we went into tight corners and ducked under big lumps of rock above us. I managed to crawl through and climb up the waterfall. I was very excited and it was surprisingly warm. The cave was very wet: I got wet up to my waist.” Veerpal

“So today, we went with Chris for the full morning to go cycling at Gisburn forest. It was so fun: we went down hills and up hills and straight paths and zig zag paths too. At 1:00, we did caving and we all loved it!  We went through water and there were so many rocks.  They were limestone rocks and all the children went on the rope and it took us up into the daylight again and it was very nice. The cycling place was out of Yorkshire and it was at Lancashire.”  Zuhra

“I managed to fall off my bike three times! I just got a small cut on the knee. I did some of the ‘Red’ loop and the bottom of the downhill course. I enjoyed it overall.

When we were caving, I swam across ‘Dr Banister’s hand basin’ after climbing down the waterfall.” Yahya

“When we went caving, we had to crawl behind a mini waterfall and there were pieces of rock to climb over.” Ibrahim

“I was the first Farfield child to go in a really tight space in the cave that I have been allowed to name ‘Lucas’s claustrophobic corner’. When I was cycling, I was one of only three children in our group to do the final red challenge including rocks, zig zag turns and two wooden bridges. I only fell off once during cycling but luckily I had a soft landing in a beautiful meadow. I found a new route down a tricky bit to the reservoir.” Lucas

Tonight some people have watched the football (yaawn…), others have been in the games room and some have told stories. Midges have been unbearable in the still air tonight having been negligible yesterday. We are preparing hot chocolate and biscuits and Miss Wetherill has been reading The Hobbit. It’s going to be an earlier night tonight, whilst a couple of us go and pre-walk a change to 5L’s itinerary caused by a bizarre COVID restriction at the Ingleton Waterfall Walk.

Many thanks to Chris Young (British Cycling), Charlie Pyatt (West Leeds SPorts Partnership) and Phil Jackson (volunteer, former H&S Advisor for OAA LCC) for their support with mountain biking and caving, as well as Mrs Hawkhead, Miss Wetherill, Mrs Du Preez and Mrs Wallace for their very long hours of work again today.

See you tomorrow!

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5W Residential Day 1

21/06/2021 at 20:30


Things are going well. We all got here safely and, more or less, on time. It is great to be back at Gearstones.

Let some of the children tell you the tale of the day (so far):

“When we arrived, we had a bit of an introduction to the lodge, then we had lunch either outside or in the dining room. Afterwards, we were told who we were in a dorm with and which room. Next, we went to our rooms and got our sleeping equipment set up. We then got walking shoes, coats, a towel and jelly shoes/crocs in our bag. Then we got in the minibus to go to the beginning of the walk. We went on our walk and eventually found the waterfalls. We walked a little more then you had the option to paddle in the water for about 30 minutes. After that, we walked about twenty minutes back to a minibus to get back to Gearstones. Next, we helped prepare dinner or had a play in the lounge or in the garden. Personally, I enjoyed doing the paddling and getting our dorms prepared.” – Billy

“First, we got off the minibus and had a tour around the lodge. When the people on the train arrived, we had our packed lunch and then got told which dorms we were in and who was in each one. When we went into the dorms, we put our bedsheets on (tried) and the sleeping bag & pillow. After that, we packed our stuff and went on the waterfall walk in Ingleton. Halfway through, we saw a sign saying no access due to COVID, and set it as a one-way system. A couple of people told us to just do it so we did. Eventually, we reached the waterfall, put our crocks on and started paddling. I  found a giant rock and jumped off it onto another rock. I then slipped and got my shorts wet. Then I decided that I wanted to get soaked and sat down in the deepest part I could find.  When we got back into the minibus, I had to put my towel under me so I didn’t get the seat wet. Next Ibi and I had a shower (we had the showers first because we got wet the most). The showers were like the ones at the leisure centres – you couldn’t change the temperature and they were freezing! After that, we chilled in the lounge and then had dinner. Next Mr. Harris opened the games room; including a pool table and table tennis. Then I saw Billy writing a blog, and asked if I could do one as well. So then I started writing this.” Joshua

(Editor’s note: I think that’s because you were first Josh. Others had a warm shower. Serves you right for getting yourself so wet!)

“First, we arrived at Gearstones and had a tour. After that, we had our lunch. A little while later, we got told who was going to be in our dorms. As we needed more sensible clothes, we got changed to go on the waterfall walk.Then we left; luckily due to good weather our trip to the Ingleton waterfall was a complete success. We started halfway through and made our way round. In between, we stopped off and had half an hour in a rocky, shallow river. The river was very cold and unfortunately lots of people got soaked. – Madeline and Lottie

Lottie’s thoughts – “When we went to the river, I accidentally got pushed in and I didn’t like that but I still had fun. I liked going on a long waterfall walk with my friends as it was quite beautiful. When it was tea, I liked sitting with my friends having a laugh. Some of my favorite places were the dorm and the games room – although at all times it was crowded. I am looking forward to having hot chocolate and a biscuit before bed.”

Madeline’s thoughts – “In my opinion, the paddling was the absoulute best as even though the water was cold and the stones were slippy, splashing around with my friend made it all worth while. There were many rocks on the walk which were fun to climb over. When you were high up, you could see the wonderful view of the hill and countryside which surrounds the area.”

Other highlights/revelations so far:

Veerpal is a pool shark. Jameela is, unsurprisingly, the table tennis champion. Collectively, they are certainly better than average for Y5 in terms of table tennis and pool capability.

Todd is funny and likes to regale us with stories.

Josh and Ibby got the wettest in the river, with Lottie not far behind.

They are loud!

We have lots of keen Uno players and Pokemon and anime are popular.

Planning a night walk on the longest day means that bedtime is going to be very late…

Tomorrow, we have caving and mountain biking: lots to look forward to! They have been an excellent group so far.

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This week in Year 5…

18/06/2021 at 16:05


This week in literacy we have been writing descriptions of our own hobbits and their hobbit holes, which we created last week. We have been very impressed with the quality of writing, particularly the children’s imagination, use of descriptive language and the children’s ability to write in the style of Tolkien.

We moved on from our multiplication and division topic this week and started looking at angles and shape. We looked at angles on a straght line and angles around a point and focussed on how to find missing angles. We also looked at regular and irregular polygons, thinking about their definitons and how to distinguish between them. The children also completed their end of year maths assessment this week and we are really pleased with the effort they put in.

In science this week, we learnt all about dissolving. The children learnt that dissolving occurs when the particles of certain solids mix with the particles of certain liquids. It looks as if the solid has disappeared, but it has actually formed a solution with the liquid. We investigated dissolving by testing how different variables can affect the time taken for sugar to dissolve in water. Children tested variables such as the number of stirs, the temperature of the water or the amount of sugar used.

We learnt all about waterfalls in our geography lesson this week. We looked at how waterfalls are formed and found out about some impressive waterfalls in England (including Gaping Gill and High Force, both of which are in Yorkshire). Children will be able to see this in action next week when they do the Ingleton waterfall walk!

Residential Reminders
Bring all of your things with you on Monday (5W) or Wednesday (5L). Make sure you bring a separate rucksack (with thick straps, not string straps) with a packed lunch in a disposable bag.

We have not set any homework this weekend, so you will have plenty of time to pack and make sure you can tie your own shoe laces, make a sandwich and put on a bedsheet!

Make sure you get plenty of rest this weekend as it will be non-stop next week!

We look forward to seeing you all next week!
Miss Wetherill & Miss Levett

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Y5 Mountain Challenge

14/06/2021 at 10:02



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