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5B Music!

17/11/2017 at 14:11


In music we have been learning about graphic notation – a form of music composition in which instead of musical notes, symbols or words are used instead.  A symbol placed higher on the staff is a higher pitched (or higher frequency) note.  A symbol placed lower is a lower pitch/ frequency.  In this instance, we used onomatopoeias for a fun alternative to musical notes!

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Space is AWESOME! and other things in year 5….

17/11/2017 at 09:40


We are starting with Science this week, because our new topic is just so much fun.  We are learning all about space and this week we created a scaled model of the solar system.  It is impossible for normal information books to create a scaled diagram/illustration, because the planets are actually so far away from each other that even when shrunken down, they would still need pages that stretched many metres in length!  We used roles of paper and scaled the solar system down so that the sun had a diameter of just 9cm.  In the picture below, you can see that our solar system still stretched all the way down the corridor!!!!  Also below, is an awesome video showing you a comparison of sizes between planets and stars.








In Literacy we have been learning to write descriptively, using relative clauses and expanded noun phrases.  We have tried writing with the aim of creating different atmospheres. Soon, we will begin writing our own science-fiction stories!

In Maths we have been continuing with multiplication and division.  Most of us are now confident in using formal method to multiply and divide big numbers, so next week we will move onto some problem solving and reasoning type questions.

In History we are finishing off our topic of Ancient Greece and 5B had some time to create their own Greek Mosaics.  I think you’ll agree they are a very artistic class.

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4C Science 10th November 2017

10/11/2017 at 14:50


Today in science, we were testing to see if different kinds of materials were conductors of electricity. We tested the following materials:

  • metal (including scissors, spoon, knife, pencil sharpener, door handle, toast rack)
  • plastic
  • plant leaves
  • glass
  • wax
  • clay
  • foil

We found out that most metals conduct electricity and those that don’t conduct electricity are called insulators. Please see some photos below:

Written by Charley and Gita (4C)

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This week in 5B/5L

03/11/2017 at 15:42


This week in 5B/5L has been a lot of fun!

In maths we have moved onto multiplication and division.  We had some visitors to our school on Friday morning to observe our maths lessons and they were impressed with the pupils’ work.  Please continue to practise your times tables (and the inverse) at home, to ensure you are prepared for lessons!

In literacy we have improved our knowledge of different genres.  It is lovely to see children enjoy such a wide range of genres.  Keep up the reading at home and remember that any reading can be ticked off against your extreme learning book!  We have looked closer at the genre that is science-fiction.  Hopefully soon we will write our own science fiction stories – watch this space!

In science our new topic is space! This is an awesome topic! It was quite interesting to hear what pupils already knew about space and it seemed there was quite a few misconceptions!  We watched a video about a special areoplane with the nick name ‘the vomit comet’.  It give people a sense of what if feels like to experience zero gravity in space.  Everyone wants to go… anyone got a spare £4000? (That’s the price per person.)

In history we are continuing our learning on the Ancient Greeks.  The pupils have enjoyed this topic so much that we wanted to squeeze in a few more lessons, to learn about some extra things of our choice. We completed a family tree of the Gods and Goddesses and were surprised to see some of the relationships between them all!

Healthiest school! Big well done to all pupils for their first week of ‘Marathon Kids’.  This is where we try to run a mile every day.  Even Miss Bradley and Miss Levett have done some running and we are all looking forward to improving our scores as the weeks progress.

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We are different, we are equal!

19/10/2017 at 10:31


This half term in year 5’s PSHE lessons we have been focusing on physical health and wellbeing and how the media can influence our perception of this.

In our first lesson we looked at food packaging, understanding how the media can distort or exaggerate their claims on how healthy a food is, or the benefits it can give you.  We enjoyed an exercise where we created a more realistic advert for an energy drink.  We also understood, however, that many companies make these exaggerated claims in order to attract more customers.

In our second lesson, we looked at celebrities and role models in the media, discussing what made a good role model and how to avoid looking up to the ‘wrong person’.  However we also discussed how the images we see may not always be entirely representative of real life.  We discussed how the media can be selective of the images they produce, which can portray a certain image.  For example – we decided Lady Gaga probably didn’t go grocery shopping in her meat-dress and at home is a normal person like you or I!  We also looked at images of Prince William.  He looked happy and well dressed in these, smiling with his family.  We decided again that he would also wear normal clothes at home when relaxing and probably had family disagreements just like other people, despite the image of his perfect family life.

In our final lesson we looked at how the media can influence a person’s view on the perfect body image and how this can be damaging to many young people – and older people too! We learnt about changing beauty standards through the years and how today this can be manipulated even further with Photoshop and plastic surgery.  We agreed that the media should not control our self esteem or our perception of how attractive we are.  We decided that we are all beautiful in our own unique way, and it is our differences and even imperfections which make us special.  Being healthy and being a good person far out-way the importance of having the ‘perfect appearance’, and we hope you agree too!


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What Makes Us Unique?

13/10/2017 at 15:47


In PSHE this week, we have been learning about how the media can manipulate photos and the impact that this can have on people. We noticed that the media has a tendency to make people look slimmer, more muscular or more beautiful – even when there is nothing wrong with how the person really looks!  The children also had a think about how this would make the average person feel, realising that people often felt like they needed to look like these ‘ideals’ in order to be accepted.

Despite this, the children pointed out that you don’t need to look like everyone else to feel good about yourself and that actually, being you was much more important. They then had a think about the things that they were most proud of about themselves and the characteristics and traits that made each of them special, unique and amazing. We thought we’d share them with you!

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