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This week in 5B and 5L

29/11/2016 at 13:53


Maths:  In maths lessons we are still looking closely at multiplication and division, this time with some extra focus on word problems.  It is important when faced with word problems that you read the question carefully and pick out the right information.  Then, you have to decide which operation to use. Sometimes it helps to represent the problem visually using drawings or resources.

Towards the end of this week and the start of next week, pupils will be sitting some maths test papers.  These are not something the pupils should worry or feel nevous about.  They are used to help inform assessment but are by no means the only form of assessment.  A great deal of our assessment comes from pupils’ understanding in lessons. As long as pupils try their best they should feel proud of themselves! Thes tests are also great practice for the coming years as pupils move into year 6 and onto secondary school.

Literacy:  In literacy lessons we have been writing our science fiction stories, inspired from the music video ‘In This World – Moby.’  Pupils had several tricky aspects to try and include in their writing, such as inverted commas for speech, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.  We will also be putting our editing skills to the test!

Next week in literacy we will begin a topic on poetry!

Science:  Last week in science we looked at how we have day and night.  This week we will delve deeper and find out why we have seasons.  Some pupils have requested to find out more about stars and their life-cycles.  This certainly sounds like an interesting topic and so we will aim to look into this after finishing our work on seasons.

History:  We are continuing to read ‘Friend or Foe – Michael Morpurgo’, which a lot of the pupils are really enjoying. Alongside this we have been learning about WW2 and most recently about evacuation.  Speak to some of your family members – do they have any sotries they could tell you which are relevant to our WW2 topic?

Spellings:  Just a reminder that the spelling competition will be taking place in the last week of term.  Prizes will be up for grabs! We hope you have been working hard to learn your spellings!!! If you need another copy of your spellings, speak to one of the year 5 teachers.

Recent OAA Trip: 5B and 5L were both very lucky to have been invited on and outdoor, adventurous activity day.  They weren’t quite so lucky with the weather, however.  The day played host to perhaps the worst weather of the term so far, with heavy rain that persisted relentlessly.  This did nothing to dampen the Farsley Farfield Spirit, however, and all the teachers were incredibly impressed with the attitude of their pupils.  We are a hardy bunch!

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This week in 5L/B

13/11/2016 at 16:59


A week in after half term and both classes are straight back into the work. We have started some new modules and topics, including Science-Fiction and Earth and Space.

In Literacy we have started looking at genres: what they are and how they can be identified. In particular this half term Year 5 will be looking at Science-Fiction. We identified the key features of this genre – that it is usually set in the future or on a distant planet and contains lots of advanced technology and weaponry – then had a go at writing a brief passage of our own.  We have also done some work on editing, looking at correcting spelling and grammatical errors within our work to make sure that it is the best piece of work we can produce. Finally, we looked at how we can use dictionaries to check spellings, develop understanding and identify types of words. Overall, a very busy week!  In the coming weeks, we will be writing a piece of narrative based around a group of aliens who travel to earth.  To support this, we will be practising our narrative writing skills including using inverted commas for speech and writing descriptively.


In Maths last week we looked at using formal written methods for multiplication, including the grid method and long multiplication method.  All pupils could multiply a 3 digit by a 1 digit number and some pupils could also multiply a 3 digit by a 2 digit number.  This week we will be looking at formal division.  We will also be focusing on how to interpret our remainders appropriately – a tricky task!  Without a good times table knowledge pupils cannot access this work and it is incredibly important that pupils are working hard to learn all their times tables so that they can achieve their objective of using a formal written method for multiplying and dividing.

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What Makes 5L Unique?

11/11/2016 at 16:13


Over the past few weeks, 5L have been looking at the impact of the media on our lives (for more information, see Miss Bradley’s earlier post). As part of this, we thought about the things we loved about ourselves and our class – the things that made us all unique. Here is what we came up with:

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Toilet Paper Solar System!

11/11/2016 at 15:46


In Science this half term, Year 5 are going to be looking at the topic ‘Earth and Space’. Last week, we started off by looking at our Solar System and the planets that make it up; learning their names and the order in which they appear. We even made up our own mnemonics to help us remember!

Here are a couple of our favourites:

Many Villains Eat Mushy Jam Soup Under Nuts.

Monkeys Venture East Munching Jared’s Stupid Underwear Now.

Many Venomous Elephants Make Jockeys Sing Under Nets.

Many Violent Eggs May Jump Slyly Up Nuts.

This week, we looked at the scale of the Solar System and we realised just how huge it actually is. To help us to put it into perspective, we scaled it all down so that the Sun measured 9cm. We then used a roll of toilet paper to represent the distances between the sun and the planets, with each square representing 20,000,000km. As it turned out, we needed to use the entire roll, plus a little extra to fit the sun and eight planets in!

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Year 5 PSHE

20/10/2016 at 11:57


This half term in year 5’s PSHE lessons we have been focusing on physical health and wellbeing and how the media can influence our perception of this.

In our first lesson we looked at food packaging, understanding how the media can distort or exaggerate their claims on how healthy a food is, or the benefits it can give you.  We enjoyed an exercise where we created a more realistic advert for an energy drink.  We also understood, however, that many companies make these exaggerated claims in order to attract more customers.

In our second lesson, we looked at celebrities and role models in the media, discussing what made a good role model and how to avoid looking up to the ‘wrong person’.  However we also discussed how the images we see may not always be entirely representative of real life.  We discussed how the media can be selective of the images they produce, which can portray a certain image.  For example – we decided Lady Gaga probably didn’t go grocery shopping in her meat-dress and at home is a normal person like you or I!  We also looked at images of Prince William.  He looked happy and well dressed in these, smiling with his family.  We decided again that he would also wear normal clothes at home when relaxing and probably had family disagreements just like other people, despite the image of his perfect family life.

In our final lesson we looked at how the media can influence a person’s view on the perfect body image and how this can be damaging to many young people – and older people too! We learnt about changing beauty standards through the years and how today this can be manipulated even further with Photoshop and plastic surgery.  We agreed that the media should not control our self esteem or our perception of how attractive we are.  We decided that we are all beautiful in our own unique way, and it is our differences and even imperfections which make us special.  Being healthy and being a good person far out-way the importance of having the ‘perfect appearance’, and we hope you agree too!

We would love to share with you…



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Ancient Greece

13/10/2016 at 17:35


In our topic lesson, we looked at what influences Ancient Greece has had on our lives today.  These things ranged from fashion to democracy and even to language!

For a dojo point/ Gold Box Ticket, leave a comment and tell me something we can thank the Greeks for, or tell me a word we use and where it comes from.

As well as the above, we looked at Greek architecture and noticed that many Greek buildings use pillars.  This, we learnt, was called the post and lintel system and was favoured for it’s strength.  It is a system still widely used today.

Using cups and trays the pupils designed their own Greek buildings and we tested the strength of these buildings by using heavy books.  We soon found that the buildings we had designed could support the weight of the books easily, so we used something a lot heavier, to prove the immense strength of our structures.  See the photos to find out more…

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