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This Week in Year 5L

Friday 9th March | 1 comment

This week in year 5 has been another strange one – mainly because we’ve still not managed to have a full week in school because of the weird weather! However, we’ve still worked hard and got quite a bit done.

We had a very successful World Maths Day on Wednesday, completing lots of different activities throughout the day. I am glad to say that all of the children really got stuck in and seemed to enjoy themselves. We even took it a step further and themed each activity to our class book – Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning’. You can find pictures of some of our activities below.

In our general lessons, we have been continuing with our work on persuasive writing and in maths have moved on to adding decimal numbers together. We found that we really need to focus on lining our columns up correctly to avoid making silly mistakes.

In music, we have strengthened our ability to both sing ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and to play along with it during the instrumental. I am sure that you’ll agree that the glockenspiel parts are much more together than they were before.

5L homework for the week is to keep practising on Mathletics (with the same enthusiasm that they did on World Maths Day) and to write about what they did on their days off. This can take any form they like (for example a poem, a story, a diary entry) and is due on Thursday 15th March.

One response to “This Week in Year 5L”

  1. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    Glad you all enjoyed World Maths Day and can hear the change in your glockenspiel playing!

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