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This week in year 5!

Friday 1st December | 1 comment

In maths we have been finishing off our topic of multiplication and division and we have begun our end of topic tests. Some pupils have been disappointed with their scores but have taken their test home to challenge themselves to do better. I would recommend that the children always read each question carefully and check answers thoroughly! Could parents perhaps go through the paper with some of these children and help them spot errors?

In literacy we are finishing our extended writing (our science fiction story) and moving on to poetry! I am sure that by next week we will have a selection of wonderful and festive poems to get us in the holiday mood!  Miss Bradley and Miss Levett are working their way through the finished stories and have been thrilled with what they have seen so far!

In science we have been learning about how we get seasons.  This has been a tricky concept to understand but with some determination, most of us are able to explain why we have seasons. We watched some sections from a very fun and informative video about how astronauts manage day to day life in zero gravity. We were especially interested in how they use the toilet!

In music, pupils have been counting beats in a bar and have even created their own music with a clear rhythm.  The different coloured spots represented different percussion (claps and pats etc – no instruments needed). The black dash represented a pause. We will continue to progress with our music knowledge and next week we will move onto using real musical notes.

The first of December is here and many of us are feeling festive already.  If you want to join in the festive celebrations then remember to wear a Christmas jumper next Tuesday!



One response to “This week in year 5!”

  1. Marion says:

    I am looking forward to reading some of your festive poems and your work on music looks really interesting. It is great to be able to read and play music but it can take a lot of hard work to get there! Creating your own music sounds like good fun though!

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