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Welcome Back!

Friday 12th March | 1 comment

We have been thrilled to have the children back in the classrooms this week! Strangely, it has felt a lot like the start of a new school year. It has been wonderful to see the children getting to catch up and play with their friends and see them engage with their learning in real life!

We have been continuing with our fractions topic in maths this week, focussing on finding fractions of amounts and using fractions as operators. We have been really impressed with the mathematical thinking that we have seen! We will complete our fractions topic next week and then will be moving on to decimals and percentages.

In literacy this week, we have been learning all about debating and balanced arguments. In our first lesson, we discussed what a debate was and had a go at one ourselves. The children chose the topics to debate and thought about their own opinions about them. They were then able to put their well thought out opinions forward in our class debate. Later in the week, we looked at balanced arguments and how they differed from debates. We created a ‘story book’ courtroom based on Alice in Wonderland. The children had to use evidence to decide whether Alice was guilty of stealing the Queen’s jam tarts and created some fantastic balanced arguments to come to a conclusion about who the culprit was.

We have continued with our reproduction topic in science, this week looking at how plants can reproduce without seeds. We set up an investigation to test which vegetables we could use to grow new plants. The children planted one of their vegetables in soil, put one in water and left one out as a control. We will check on their growth weekly and keep our fingers crossed for some new plants soon!

We hope you have a very well deserved rest this weekend after a busy week!

Miss Wetherill & Miss Levett

One response to “Welcome Back!”

  1. Amanda smith says:

    What a fabulous start following the return to school. Well done year 5!

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