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This week in year 5

Friday 29th September | 1 comment

Another week has passed and yet again it has been packed with learning!

In maths, we finished our topic of number and place value.  We completed a Rising Stars test to see how able we were to apply our learning in a test condition.  Everyone showed a great growth-mindset during these tests, gave 100% and didn’t give up.  This is far more important than the score we get.  Our new topic of addition and subtraction has begun.  Again, to get a head start, practise your column addition and subtraction at home!

In literacy, we have continued our topic of Greek myths.  Pupils also created their own Greek setting.  We saw some wonderfully creative ideas and some incredibly scary monsters!After creating our Greek islands we then wrote some descriptive sentences.  If anyone were to read our descriptions, they would be able to picture the island in their minds! 5B have just begun to read the myth of Pandora.  At the moment, Pandora has a dilemma.  Should she open the box? Comment below and tell us what you think!

In science, we learnt that leavers, pulleys and gears are simple mechanisms that can make tasks easier.  To prove this, we create a lever out of a ruler and used another classroom object as a simple fulcrum.  We conducted several experiments to see how the position of the fulcrum affected the effort needed to lift the weight.  We found that the least effort is needed when the fulcrum is closest to the load.  We actually managed to use a 100g weight to lift a 1kg weight! When we tried a 50g weight however, we couldn’t lift it.  We wanted to experiment further though, so we extended our lever arm by taping two ruler sticks together.  This actually enabled us to lift the kg weight with just 50g! Science is awesome!

In history, we looked at some images of ancient Greek pots, with depictions of the ancient Olympics painted onto them.  By studying these images, we were able to deduce and infer information about what the Ancient Greek Olympics may have been like. This lesson was entirely online, so if you want to see how we did, check out the blog post below!

Residential: We are really excited to get a date set for our year 5 residential.  5L are going on Monday the 21st May and returning on the 23rd.  5B will leave on the 23rd and return on the 25th.  This is a really fantastic trip which receives great reviews year after year.  Many children have already brought back their slips and money and we can tell that this will be an enthusiastic group who will make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

One response to “This week in year 5”

  1. Rhys mum says:

    Open the box!!! Inquisitive minds???

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