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This week in 5B/5L

Friday 3rd November | 2 comments

This week in 5B/5L has been a lot of fun!

In maths we have moved onto multiplication and division.  We had some visitors to our school on Friday morning to observe our maths lessons and they were impressed with the pupils’ work.  Please continue to practise your times tables (and the inverse) at home, to ensure you are prepared for lessons!

In literacy we have improved our knowledge of different genres.  It is lovely to see children enjoy such a wide range of genres.  Keep up the reading at home and remember that any reading can be ticked off against your extreme learning book!  We have looked closer at the genre that is science-fiction.  Hopefully soon we will write our own science fiction stories – watch this space!

In science our new topic is space! This is an awesome topic! It was quite interesting to hear what pupils already knew about space and it seemed there was quite a few misconceptions!  We watched a video about a special areoplane with the nick name ‘the vomit comet’.  It give people a sense of what if feels like to experience zero gravity in space.  Everyone wants to go… anyone got a spare £4000? (That’s the price per person.)

In history we are continuing our learning on the Ancient Greeks.  The pupils have enjoyed this topic so much that we wanted to squeeze in a few more lessons, to learn about some extra things of our choice. We completed a family tree of the Gods and Goddesses and were surprised to see some of the relationships between them all!

Healthiest school! Big well done to all pupils for their first week of ‘Marathon Kids’.  This is where we try to run a mile every day.  Even Miss Bradley and Miss Levett have done some running and we are all looking forward to improving our scores as the weeks progress.

2 responses to “This week in 5B/5L”

  1. Husna says:

    Miss Levett can you please put the different planets age website link on ! Thank you

  2. Kirsty (Nina's mum) says:

    Sounds like lots of learning and well done on the running!

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