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Tuesday 29th November | Comments are off for this post

Maths:  In maths lessons we are still looking closely at multiplication and division, this time with some extra focus on word problems.  It is important when faced with word problems that you read the question carefully and pick out the right information.  Then, you have to decide which operation to use. Sometimes it helps to represent the problem visually using drawings or resources.

Towards the end of this week and the start of next week, pupils will be sitting some maths test papers.  These are not something the pupils should worry or feel nevous about.  They are used to help inform assessment but are by no means the only form of assessment.  A great deal of our assessment comes from pupils’ understanding in lessons. As long as pupils try their best they should feel proud of themselves! Thes tests are also great practice for the coming years as pupils move into year 6 and onto secondary school.

Literacy:  In literacy lessons we have been writing our science fiction stories, inspired from the music video ‘In This World – Moby.’  Pupils had several tricky aspects to try and include in their writing, such as inverted commas for speech, expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.  We will also be putting our editing skills to the test!

Next week in literacy we will begin a topic on poetry!

Science:  Last week in science we looked at how we have day and night.  This week we will delve deeper and find out why we have seasons.  Some pupils have requested to find out more about stars and their life-cycles.  This certainly sounds like an interesting topic and so we will aim to look into this after finishing our work on seasons.

History:  We are continuing to read ‘Friend or Foe – Michael Morpurgo’, which a lot of the pupils are really enjoying. Alongside this we have been learning about WW2 and most recently about evacuation.  Speak to some of your family members – do they have any sotries they could tell you which are relevant to our WW2 topic?

Spellings:  Just a reminder that the spelling competition will be taking place in the last week of term.  Prizes will be up for grabs! We hope you have been working hard to learn your spellings!!! If you need another copy of your spellings, speak to one of the year 5 teachers.

Recent OAA Trip: 5B and 5L were both very lucky to have been invited on and outdoor, adventurous activity day.  They weren’t quite so lucky with the weather, however.  The day played host to perhaps the worst weather of the term so far, with heavy rain that persisted relentlessly.  This did nothing to dampen the Farsley Farfield Spirit, however, and all the teachers were incredibly impressed with the attitude of their pupils.  We are a hardy bunch!

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