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The Half-Way Point

Friday 14th February | 1 comment

This half-term seems to have absolutely flown by and I cannot believe we are about half way though the year already! As usual, we have had 6 busy weeks and have packed lots of brilliant learning in.

This week, we have continued with fractions in maths, looking at comparing fractions and adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominators. As usual, I have been really impressed with the understanding the children have and the reasoning behind their answers too.

In literacy, we have continued focussing on the Jabberwocky. Our main focus this week has been on the Jubjub bird, which is only briefly mentioned in the poem. We spent Wednesday’s lesson designing our own version of the Jubjub bird and then wrote some brilliant descriptions of it. Have a look at the imaginative drawings below:

In science this week, we continued learning about endangered species. We researched an animal from each conservation status and thought about the reasons why lots of animal populations were in decline. The children were incredibly interested in this topic, asking lots of questions and showing real concern over what is happening to some of these species. To do our bit to help these endangered animals, we have decided to adopt an endangered animal as a class through the WWF. We voted on which animal we’d like to adopt and the majority chose a Jaguar. Have a look at the link to learn more about this endangered animal https://support.wwf.org.uk/adopt-a-jaguar .

I hope you all have a lovely week and fingers crossed the weather improves!

Miss Wetherill

One response to “The Half-Way Point”

  1. Anna Pritchard says:

    Olivia was very excited to tell us that 5W had adopted a Jaguar and the importance of the WWF. I told her that I too had adopted an animal through WWF many many years ago, a panda and I’ve continued my support over the years.

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