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Space is AWESOME! and other things in year 5….

Friday 17th November | 1 comment

We are starting with Science this week, because our new topic is just so much fun.  We are learning all about space and this week we created a scaled model of the solar system.  It is impossible for normal information books to create a scaled diagram/illustration, because the planets are actually so far away from each other that even when shrunken down, they would still need pages that stretched many metres in length!  We used roles of paper and scaled the solar system down so that the sun had a diameter of just 9cm.  In the picture below, you can see that our solar system still stretched all the way down the corridor!!!!  Also below, is an awesome video showing you a comparison of sizes between planets and stars.








In Literacy we have been learning to write descriptively, using relative clauses and expanded noun phrases.  We have tried writing with the aim of creating different atmospheres. Soon, we will begin writing our own science-fiction stories!

In Maths we have been continuing with multiplication and division.  Most of us are now confident in using formal method to multiply and divide big numbers, so next week we will move onto some problem solving and reasoning type questions.

In History we are finishing off our topic of Ancient Greece and 5B had some time to create their own Greek Mosaics.  I think you’ll agree they are a very artistic class.

One response to “Space is AWESOME! and other things in year 5….”

  1. Marion says:

    Your space topic sounds very interesting. What a clever way to visualise the distance between planets using toilet roll!

    It’s a pity your topic on Ancient Greece is coming to an end as I have enjoyed hearing all about it. Lovely to see the mosaics you created. Great work!

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