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Leeds Children’s Mayor Entries!

Friday 22nd June | 1 comment

Pupils applying for the position of Leeds Children’s Mayor were asked to come up with a manifesto (idea/plan) to help the children and young people of Leeds (and other areas too, if possible).

Pupils were given the following key points to consider: Their idea had to be realistic – it could actually happen.  Their idea had to be low cost/no cost, and pose no damage to the environment. Their idea had to benefit as many people as possible, but in particular children.  They needed to ensure their idea was unique and would stand out.


Here is a brief version of each entrant’s manifesto:

1 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds…. My idea of becoming the Leeds children’s Mayor is not just for fame but the to make a difference. My main objective is to make my school and the local community more child friendly. My manifesto is to make sure children are having fun. Staying safe and most importantly being responsible. To start off with I would introduce a walking bus where parents can meet at a remote place and walk the children to school. This would allow children to keep fit and reduce traffic. I would fill positive posters around school and the local community would keep people mentally healthy these posters will be created by our students in a competition.


2 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds, my focus would be on creating opportunities for all children to get involved in music no matter where in Leeds they live or how much money they have.  Music helps me to express myself and brings me so much happiness. I want every child to find the joy in music.  I would like to suggest a number of ideas to bring music to the children of Leeds:

·         Schools could run whole-school music days where everybody has the chance to focus on different kinds of music.

·         Schools could host musician visits (like author visits) with musicians from Leeds volunteering their time.

·         As a city, we could create an instrument library where people donate old or unneeded instruments for children to use. Volunteers could repair and tune them.

·         Leeds School Choir and Orchestra could put on concerts in schools to promote the groups. There could be more music groups across the city to make transportation easier.

·         School children could be invited to dress rehearsals or given unsold tickets for musical performances at Leeds theatres like The Grand

I am very passionate about music and I would work hard with others to make these ideas happen.


3 My manifesto would be for children AND adults in Leeds to get more fitter and healthier. I believe that all children and adults in Leeds need more exercise and fresh air. The reason why is because now a days we have technology, but adults and children are constantly on their phones, Ipads, game consoles ect, ect, so I propose to make everyone more active whilst everyone is having fun. For example, there should be a 15 mins lesson on exercise in the morning and the afternoon – where children run in the playground and have races. Also if a child Finishes work on time, the child can do simple exercises in the room such as squats sit-ups and press-ups.


4 I would have one or two vegetarian or halal meals per week. I am planning to get every school in Leeds to be health and not have any obese or over-weight kids. I know all this because my school won the healthiest school of the year award, not in Leeds, not in Yorkshire, not in England, but in the entire U.K. also it would be good to have more P.E choices as well.


5 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds my number 1 job will be to grab hold of children not being aware of the dangers online. I kindly suggest that schools should include exercises into the schools daily routine about the safety and dangers of using the internet. I am especially passionate about this since many children use the internet daily. With the monster, children will be able to express their worries without the fear of talking. So, the monster would be in each class so pupils will have access to it. Pupils who have any worry, they would be able to write it on a piece of paper and stick it in the monster pouch.


6 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would give homeless people a friend, someone to talk to about any serious worries they have and all the big essentials they need to live a better life. I would be delighted to organise a weekly meeting for homeless people to have a chat with other people that are in their situation and to hold a food buffet for them. I know you’re thinking that it will cost too much but I have a way to help that in my paragraph about low cost. I’m sure they’d love to be able to talk to people that are going through the same thing as them. I feel really passionate about helping homeless people (because I’ve seen with my own eyes how mean people can be to them) and it breaks my heart when I see one in the street. I always ask whoever I’m with if I can buy them a coffee or something to eat.  I’m not saying you have to give homeless people change or food or something to drink but just a friendly smile could really make their day.


7 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds…. I would help with plastic waste to save the environment and make the world a better place for children. I would make milk in recyclable bottles and get schools to make things out of plastic and other recyclable objects, and battery bins to be put inside every school.


8 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would ensure that every child in school learns sign language. I suggest for an hour every week a sign language teacher goes into classes around Leeds and teaches the children sign language. I feel children are being left out because they can’t hear or speak. My manifesto will hopefully give adults and children a better education and make sure children at school are not being left out. I would really enjoy being Leeds children Mayor and would go to every meeting with pride. It’s really upsetting when people are left out because of disabilities and my manifesto and ideas will really help to tackle that. People will be a lot happier when they can communicate -and make friend with other people.


9 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds my ideas would help tackle people’s wellbeing, because I think it is vital for everyday life and happiness.  I would create a worry box in every classroom around Leeds.  I would allocate worry time each week and even anonymous worries could be read out and the whole class could help to solve them.  I would spread the idea around Leeds by having a ’feel good forum’ in places like community centres. In local parks, I would adopt a tree and anyone could attach a positive message to it. It would be checked regularly to ensure there wasn’t negative messages on it. I would raise money by doing bake sales and tombolas. I would use the money to make my ideas happen.


10 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would introduce a Walking School Bus scheme. Like a normal bus, but free, clean, on time and with no need for a bus! Parents, or other adult volunteers or older children, would agree to supervise children walking or scooting to their school. Meeting points and times would be arranged on the popular routes to school.


11 If I was Children’s Mayor of Leeds I would get schools to go outside more and help the environment and nature. You could recycle different materials to make homes for the animals and insects. This would increase the amount of animals as well as reducing the amount of litter. You could put up a long net with wool and string for the homes of animals. All schools should put a box up in their reception point and use it for putting the recycled materials in it. This would mean a lot to me as I love animals.


I’m sure you will agree that all the entrants put a lot of though and effort into their manifestos and I was very proud of everyone.

All the year 5’s and 6’s voted confidentially for their favourite.

In third place was number 3! Well done Dev!

In second place was number 8! Well done Macey!

In first place was number 2! Well done Charlie!

One response to “Leeds Children’s Mayor Entries!”

  1. Kirsty (Nina’s mum) says:

    What amazing ideas and very thoughtful! Congratulations to the potential mayors!

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