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It’s nearly the end of our first term in year 5!

Friday 8th December | 7 comments

Hasn’t it gone quick?

In maths this week we have done some more tests to measure our understanding in basic arithmetic but also in reasoning and problem solving.  We have also being doing some learning around statistics, looking at bar charts and line graphs and also time tables. After the half term we will be focusing on fractions. I have attached a medium term plan which outlines the different objectives we will be covering for our fractions units.  A lot of children and parents work hard at home to support learning and this is a great way to direct that learning so it parallels what we are doing in school.

Fractions – medium term plan

In literacy we have continued with our poetry.  I believe some pupils have taken home poems for family. What did you think of them? We were very impressed and we are all feeling very festive!  Next half term our topic will be the Anglo-Saxons. We will be writing Anglo-Saxon style stories and to support our writing we will also learn more about adverbs of time/place and number, apostrophes for possession/contraction, using a thesaurus and dictionary, expanded noun phrases, relative clauses and inverted commas for speech.

The Christmas parties next week will take place on Tuesday 12th for 5B and on Thursday 14th for 5L.

We have Christmas performances in school on Tuesday  12th at 9:30am and on Wednesday 13th at 2pm. We hope to see lots of parents there!



7 responses to “It’s nearly the end of our first term in year 5!”

  1. HUSNA says:

    Fractions aren’t my best topic but I’m looking forwards to it.

    Christmas rehearsals have been incredibly amazing. I’m looking forwards for the parents to come.

  2. Nina (and her Mum) says:

    Fractions! I love fractions! Plus Anglo-Saxons sounds exciting. I am now exceedingly excited about next half-term. From Nina

    I’m looking forward to the Christmas performance and well done on all your learning this half term.
    From Kirsty (Nina’s Mum)

    • missbradley says:

      Next half term will be awesome! Everyone will need a big rest before tackling fractions!

  3. Claire (Evie & Max's mum) says:

    You have all been very busy this week and even I have learnt some new maths skills! Looking forward to watching the performance this week too.

    • missbradley says:

      After watching the rehearsals I can tell you – you’re in for a treat!

  4. Mrs Gilhooley says:

    I loved Katie’s poem. It has pride of place on our ‘good news’ wall at home.

    Thanks for the fractions information. Something to have fun with at home:)

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