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Friday 18th January | Comments are off for this post

This morning was a rather unusual one in 5J. As we were working hard, completing our Beowulf comics, we were invaded by the children of 6H. They demanded that we got out of our seats and moved into a corner of the room, took our belongings and even tried to steal Barnaby the Maths Bear! We were all feeling rather confused and bewildered!

The reason we had 6H invade was to show what it was like when the Anglo Saxons invaded Britain and how the people would have felt. Following on from the invasion we looked at some of the kingdoms which the Anglo-Saxon’s named and used our Geography skills to locate these on a map.

Can you remember any of the names of the 7 kingdoms?


In English this week we have been working on our persuasive writing techniques. The children have written a letter to Grendel – the demon from Beowulf to urge him to stop killing the men of Heorot. The children produced some impressive pieces of writing and applied lots of the skills and vocabulary taught.



In Maths we have started looking at equivalent fractions. The children have used their division and multiplication knowledge well to solve a range of questions. We will be moving onto ordering and comparing fractions next week.



E-Saftey! This week we have focused on being safe online and what can be done to keep yourself safe online. The children discussed a range of dangers such as addiction to games, fraud, online chats and using images of yourself. We produced posters to show these dangers and ways of dealing with them if necessary. I also reminded children that there is a page on the school website which they can visit if they are worried or concerned about anything.

Here is the link – https://www.farsleyfarfield.org.uk/safeguarding-information-for-children/



Enjoy the weekend (and the snow if it stays).

Miss Jones

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