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Thursday 11th October | 7 comments

7 responses to “Discus-150×150”

  1. Alfie says:

    In this picture this man is throwing a discus like they might do today.

  2. Saad says:

    In this picture it shows me a man doing a discus throw.

  3. Sahil says:

    This man is throwing a discus.A discus is a circle disc which is meant to go far depending on the speed , the altitude and how strong the person has thrown it.

  4. Brooke says:

    This picture shows me that Greeks had sports like discus.

  5. Anju says:

    This man is about to throw a discuss. This man is naked because Greeks didn’t want to get their robes sweaty and smelly.

  6. Bethany says:

    This picture tells me people train hard for the Olympics games like lifting boulders.

  7. Max says:

    This man seems to be throwing a disc of some type.

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