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Historical Enquiry

Wednesday 10th October | 7 comments

What do the sources tell us?

As part of our work on the ancient Greeks, we are looking at how they made their lives better and what they did to ‘entertain’ themselves. During this lesson the children are going to learn two invaluable historical skills: source analysis and historical enquiry. Using the information available to us from limited primary source material, we will try and create an image about the ancient Olympics.




Job 1:

Source analysis and understanding – look at the sources and comment on what you can see.  What are the images depicting; what special features can you notice; what stands out to you; what similarities are there?


*retrieval skills*


Job 2:

Use this information to draw out conclusions about the ancient Olympics. What do these sources tell you and how does this help create an overall image of the events.

*Inference and deduction skills*


WAGOLL – I can see what looks like many familiar sports in the images, such as boxing, discuss throwing and long jump.  This tells me that many of the sports we see today in the Olympics were used in the Ancient Olympics too.



What information do these sources NOT tell us about Greek life?


7 responses to “Historical Enquiry”

  1. Umayr says:

    In all of these pictures of Ancient Greek Olymics they are no women. The reason why that is, is that in Greece at that time is they did not value women as much as know. They were not in the Olymics at all in Ancient Greece because of that value.

  2. Yaqoob says:

    They don’t tell us why there are no women . There are no women because women didn’t have as much rights as men like men were allowed to complete in the Olympics and women weren’t. In fact women were not even allowed to go out of the house! The only time they ever get to go out of the house is when they see other women or if they’re going to a funeral.

  3. Alfie and Jacob says:

    The men are naked because they didn’t want there robes to get sweaty. There are no women because they didn’t have as many rights as men.

  4. sahil says:

    I enjoyed doing this job. The photos tell us that women don’t do the Olympics.

  5. Wyatt says:

    All these photos reveal something I can figure it out

  6. Serena says:

    We do similar sports nowadays in the Olympics like chariot racing and horse riding except we do not illustrate our lives on pottery. They also did lots of other sports like wrestling and boxing which we also do today,but not all of their sports are the same as ours such as lion fighting.

  7. Harry says:

    The sources tell me that there were only men because of the value of women. The women couldn’t compete because of this. The sources also didn’t tell me much about horse chariot racing, like that crashed chariots were called shipwrecks. They couldn’t, so never mind.

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