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Fractions and Free-Verse

Friday 7th February | 1 comment

Yet again, we have crammed so much into this week! From fractions to free-verse poems, we’ve done it all!

We started our fractions topic in maths this week, which I think the children will really enjoy. In my opinion, fractions have a bad reputation, but I think they can be really interesting, useful and enjoyable! So far, I am impressed with the children’s prior knowledge and with the reasoning skills they have shown this week. We have looked at equivalent fractions this week, as well as converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa.

We drew our Beowulf work to an end in literacy this week and began looking at poetry. Our poetry focus will be on The Jabberwocky by C.S. Lewis, but the topic was introduced by looking at variety of styles of poetry. On Wednesday, the children were asked to write a list of excuses as to why they couldn’t possibly complete their work. Little did they know, simply writing that list meant they had written a free-verse poem! Have a look at the examples below. Surprisingly, the children didn’t actually find it that difficult to come up with long lists of excuses!

In our Anglo-Saxon topic this week, we looked at law and justice in Anglo-Saxon Britain, comparing it with modern law today. We looked at some gruesome forms of punishment before learning about Wergild, which was money paid to an injured/killed person as a form of compensation. The children were given an unfortunate scenario, involving missing limbs, broken teeth, dislocated shoulders, or even all of the above! Their challenge was to work out how much Wergild they would be entitled to, depending on the severity of their injuries.

Homework this week will consolidate understanding of equivalent fractions. As always, continue to use Spelling Shed, Times Tables Rock Stars and continue reading. I would love to create a recommended book list in class with books chosen by the children – if they have read any books recently that you have really enjoyed, please encourage them to let me know!

I hope you have a lovely weekend and come back on Monday ready for our last week before half term! (Already!)

Miss Wetherill

One response to “Fractions and Free-Verse”

  1. Andrea Birk-Telford says:

    Poetry is Jakob’s favourite literacy topic. He might actually get some writing done. He already knows the Jabberwocky off by heart – he just needed a tiny of prompting.

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