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Friday 7th June | Comments are off for this post

The first week of the last half-term is now complete and as per usual, the children have dived straight back in to their learning. In keeping with this theme, let’s dive straight into this week’s recap!

In literacy we started looking at Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ – a very complicated comedy. We broke down the plot in our first lesson and the children seem to have a fairly good grasp of the story thus far. If you are curious about the plot yourself or are just looking for a recap, check out the link below. This video has quickly become a favourite of the class but be warned – it is incredibly catchy!

The next step was to outline the key events of the play using freeze frames. The children really captured the emotion of these scenes. I mean, just look at those facial expressions! Wow!

In maths, we started by finishing off our shape work, looking particularly at how to translate shapes from one point to another without altering them in any way. Once we had a good grasp of this concept, we moved on to telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks.

In science, we have been working with different materials and learning about the properties that they possess.  The children particularly enjoyed exploring a mystery material and trying to figure out what it might be. It turned out to be a highly absorbent material known as polyacrylate (better known by it’s other name – fake snow). While some children marvelled at the change in the material when water was added, others decided to test the saturation point and ended up with something more akin to sludge than snow!

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