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5L residential

Wednesday 22nd May | 3 comments

We had a sunny few days in Stainforth and we hope that the children had a good time. They were a good group to go with and they were all well behaved (almost) all the time.  There were lots of highlights and many children should be proud of themselves for trying new things and overcoming fears. Not everything went wholly to plan in a new venue and with some new itinerary. The new lodge had fantastic playing areas but some of the bedrooms were a bit tight for space. Many of the boys were fantastically well organised and self-reliant; some weren’t, especially when it came to packing this morning. The electric cooker was painfully slow…  Sadly, we did also have one rather serious biking accident: ironically, one of our best, superstar girl cyclists. Joel also managed to find some stinging nettles for a more slow-motion tumble right at the end of the ride.

Overall, though, it was a good few days; the children should be shattered. Here are some photos and short videos:

Mountain biking

The children were really good cyclists, all trying really hard on the climbs and many making it to the top without stopping. Their skills have clearly improved. There were extra challenges for those that were confident and whom we judged sufficiently competent.  Many thanks to the British Cycling coaches and to Matt Asquith who also supported the sessions.  Gisburn is a great family-friendly venue for mountain biking.


For obvious reasons, photos in a cave are tricky! We managed to get a few.  The walk up to the new cave took a long time and we didn’t manage to climb up the waterfall as planned. We did get to crawl behind it though. Adam managed to go through the whole cave like Spiderman without getting wet. Others, such as Kobi, got wet up to his chest in one bit!

River study

We all spent an hour on a river study of Winterscales Beck which, as the name suggests, is only a river in Winter/early Spring when there is lots of rain and melting snow coming down from Whernside. What water there is disappears into caves and resurges somewhere downstream. Only when the caves below are full does the water really flow above ground. We saw erosion, sediment, deposition and lots of bones!  We looked for clues as to the height of the river in flood.

Here’s what it looks like in flood.


Waterfall Walk (and paddle)

The children did well on the Waterfall Walk, especially one boy who really didn’t like steps and persevered with support. Towards the end, they children got a chance to splash around. They understood the Farfield rule: if you choose to get wet, you can’t complain  afterwards about being uncomfortable.

Dusk Walk to Hoffmann Kiln

The children did a couple of walks that included some of the hidden industrial heritage of the area. One of the walks included the impressive Hoffmann Lime Kiln at dusk.

Many thanks to all the staff that supported the residential: Miss Levett, Mrs Barraclough, Mrs Wallace and Mrs Hawkhead (who did so much of the prepartion and admin and is staying all week!).  Many thanks also to Northern Rail who gave us free train tickets: watch out for details of a refund or other proposals to account for an expected under-spend.

Mr Harris

3 responses to “5L residential”

  1. Jenny Scott says:

    Looks as though they had an amazing time!
    Great weather too.
    Huge thank you to the adults for all your hard work. Think they’ll be some tired people at school today!

  2. Shane Ellis says:

    Many thanks to all the staff for organising a great experience for the children. Corday had a great time and by the look of the photos so did the rest of the children. He liked the cycling the best and the three course dinner on the first day, yum yum!
    Thanks again.

  3. Justine Allatt says:

    Looks like 5L had a fantastic time. Big thank you to all the teachers for supporting the trip

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