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5L Residential: Day Two

Thursday 24th June | 3 comments

Today has been another fantastic day – the children have worked incredibly hard and seem to have really enjoyed the different activities. In Junior’s words: “Today was so great!”

Let’s let the children explain more about the day’s activities…

”Today was a great day and I loved it. First, we did cycling – it was hard but I tried! We cycled at Gisburn Forest. We rode up steep hills, bumpy hills and down hill. It was hard riding up the hills but all my group did really well!! Next we did caving. We walked up a hill that was kind of steep but once we got into the caves and it was really fun! I was scared at first but I got more confident as we kept going! I also went into a deep deep pool which was really fun.” – Komal

“Today I had an awesome day! We did caving and cycling. My favourite part was the caving because you got the option of doing the challenge or if you don’t then you just watch the other people. I did the challenge (but some people didn’t want to do it) and when we reached the end of the cave, we got to go in the water. It was so fun!” – Tilli

“Today was so amazing – cycling was the best even though I fell off twenty-eight times and yes, I actually counted the falls. I loved caving too. All of us got really wet and very cold. The water (for me) was up to waist height but for Jack it was up to his chest. We got lots of opportunities and challenges to do but you didn’t really need to do it if you didn’t want to. This was the best day ever!” – Sumayyah

With one more day to go, I wonder what new memories we will make tomorrow?

3 responses to “5L Residential: Day Two”

  1. Rebecca Dobson (Tilli’s mum) says:

    It’s lovely to see you all having so much fun and being so confident.
    I am glad you had an awesome day Tilli and I am very proud of your achievements, especially doing the challenge in the cave. Your confidence has shone!
    Have a fantastic last day.
    See you tonight.

  2. Rebecca Dobson (Tilli’s mum) says:

    What an exciting day you have all had! It is lovely to hear and see how confident you all were, especially with caving.
    For some reason, I can only see the caving pictures are the rest are not loading in. Not sure if this error is my end or not?
    Tilli – great review of your activities. Extremely proud of you and how your confidence is beginning to flourish! Just under a year ago you wouldn’t go into the coal mine and the coal mining museum because it was too dark and narrow and here you are now in a dark, gloomy cave, smiling away and taking part in a challenge. Wow!
    Enjoy tomorrow and I will see you at the end of the day. You have done amazing, keep smiling!

  3. Laura(Isaac mum) says:

    Looks amazing so happy Isaac went caving with how nervous you was going.

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