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5L Residential: Day One

Thursday 24th June | 3 comments

5L have made a great start to their residential! We kicked off our journey by travelling from New Pudsey Station to Leeds, then catching a train on the Settle-Carlisle line to reach Ribblehead. There was quite a long wait between the first and second train, but we were all very impressed with how well-behaved the children were (though some children seemed to think and hour and fifteen minutes had passed as they waited, though in actuality, it was only about five at the time).

Upon arrival at the lodge, the first thing to do was to familiarise the children with their home away from home and make sure everyone was settled into their dorms. Once all this was done, it was time to get ready for our first activity of the day – the waterfall walk! But rather than listen to me talk about it, let’s let Ayla explain how that went…

‘Today the first thing we did on residential was going on the waterfall walk. It was really tricky, but it was worth it in the end because we got to see lots of very pretty waterfalls. Most of us were exhausted by the end but it was very fun. When we had walked for some time, we got to do some really fun paddling. Lots of people got really wet but I really enjoyed it. Tonight, we are going on a night walk. I am very excited for this because it will be dark, which means we will have to bring torches.’

The children persevered fantastically well on the waterfall walk, even managing to climb up what seemed at the time like thousands upon thousands of steep steps! After that, we headed back to the lodge to clean up, dry off and have tea. We had a little time to play before and after eating (with some children choosing to play outside and others choosing to play some board games inside) but eventually, after it became a little darker, it was time to embark on our second activity of the day – the night walk!

It was still fairly light when we set off and despite a slip toward the start, the children again did incredibly well. We spotted some sink holes, some old buildings and even had a very interesting impromptu lesson with Phil Jackson about the history of the area, dating all the way back to the Ice Age! Aside from nearly being eaten alive by midges, it was a very successful walk!

The children are now settling down in preparation for the exciting activities that we have planned for tomorrow.

3 responses to “5L Residential: Day One”

  1. Marion Cole says:

    Glad to see you’re having a good time! Look forward to seeing more photos.
    Have fun Y5!

  2. Laura(Isaac mum) says:

    Looks like your all having lots fun In river,

  3. Rebecca Dobson (Tilli’s mum) says:

    Wow 5L it looks like you’re having a brilliant time. Well done Ayla for your write up.
    Tilli it is lovely to see you having so much fun. Remember, that’s what this whole adventure is about so I am looking forward to seeing you enjoying tomorrow’s cycling and caving. Keep smiling, it makes me very proud
    Well done everybody. Looking forward to tomorrow’s update.

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