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5B residential – day 2

Friday 26th May | 7 comments

After a good night’s sleep, (half an hour extra for Gabriel) we started the day with breakfast  of cereals, poached eggs and beans on toast.  The children then made their own packed lunch and got ready to head out.

Half of the children set off with Mr Cooke and Mrs Elam to meet Chris Young and Matt Asquith at Gisburn Forest.  After accidentally taking the ‘scenic’ route to get there, the children were glad to get out of the bus and get cycling.  All the children successfully completed a skills loop and then rode along the beautiful forest tracks.  Some of the children attempted some of the harder ‘red’ route.  Although there were a couple of minor accidents resulting in some grazed knees and elbows, all the children showed great determination and are very rightly proud of their achievements.

The other half of the children went to Ingleton to walk the waterfall trail.  The children followed the trail down past the waterfalls and at the bottom had a nice paddle in the stream.  On such a hot day, the children really enjoyed dunking their feet in the stream.  Many of them ‘accidentally’ fell in and got a lot more than their feet wet – there were some very soggy, but happy children on the bus back to the lodge afterwards.

After lunch, both groups headed to Settle to swap over activities and as an extra treat, had a little bit of time to play in the park.

After a full day of cycling and the waterfall walk, we had some free time at the lodge this evening.  Our tea consisted of sausages, mashed potato and lots of vegetables, followed by a beautiful lemon sponge (made by Miss Bradley) and custard.

Many children made the most of the glorious weather to play outside in the garden while others showed off their skills when the games room was opened.  We have some budding talent at pool and table tennis.  We gave the children 15 minutes notice before we held a room inspection.  Almost all the children had lovely tidy bedrooms.  We will let you guess which children were not so tidy…

The end of the evening was spent going through the children’s highlights of the trip so far.  Some of these included being proud of themselves for completing the caving or cycling challenges, seeing the sand martins on the river study walk, teasing Mr Cooke for his accidental detour on the way to cycling and laughing at the staff singing while cooking in the kitchen.

After a hot chocolate and biscuit, it was bed time.  We must have managed to completely tire them out as, once again, every child was asleep within 15 minutes (and the staff were not far behind!).

Due to some technical problems, we have been unable to post any photos.  We will add these to the postings when we are back at school.


7 responses to “5B residential – day 2”

  1. M Cole says:

    Your trip sounds fantastic. With such wonderful weather I don’t blame you for ‘accidentally’ falling into the stream! I think I would have done too.
    Glad to hear you’re all having such a wonderful time. I bet you will be sad to come home!

  2. Sarah Russell says:

    Well done to everyone involved. Looking forward to hearing all about it from Evie.

    A very huge thank you to all the staff involved for providing such a wonderful experience. Hope you get chance to relax and recover over half term.

  3. Marcia Hilton says:

    Sounds like you’ve had an amazing two days – so proud of 5B for stepping up to the challenges and I don’t doubt for a minute George got ‘soggy’ in the water – he’s uncannily drawn to water no matter where he goes!

  4. Alison Thornton says:

    Thank you, what a wonderful experience for all x

  5. Lynn Atack says:

    Thanks for another detailed update..Sounds like you’re all having an a fantastic time and that we’ll have some very happy children back later

  6. Sarah North says:

    It sounds like you’re all having a fantastic time! Enjoy your last day everyone.

  7. Jo Bastian says:

    Well done everyone for tackling the challenges! You should all be very proud of yourselves. Xxx

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