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5B residential – day 1

Thursday 25th May | 7 comments

The children from 5B arrived safely at Ribblehead to some beautiful sunshine.  After having lunch and waving off the children from 5L, the children had a tour of our lodge and made their beds (some with some ‘interesting’ results).

The next challenge was caving close to Ribblehead viaduct.  The children, led by Charlie Pyatt got suited and helmeted and headed underground to explore the caves.  All the children were very brave with most attempting the challenges.  We were very proud of all of the children.  Although the caves were fairly dry, we still got lots of water in our wellies which ended up on a couple of children’s heads when we got back to the lodge!   Trying to remove Fraser’s wellies was a challenge in itself…

The children also took part in a river study where they looked at different features of rivers and showed off their knowledge.

After all the excitement, we came back to the lodge and had a slightly late meal of tomato soup with fresh bread rolls, followed by a pasta bake with garlic bread.

We headed out on our night walk just after 9pm armed with our torches ready to explore the surrounding area.  We had a lovely walk and arrived back at the lodge just before 11pm where we ended the evening with a hot chocolate and biscuit before getting ready for bed.

Despite some of the children claiming to not be tired, every child was in bed by 11.20 and asleep by 11.40.  Hopefully everyone will have a good night’s sleep ready for cycling at Gisburn forest and Ingleton waterfall trail on day 2.

Photos will follow shortly.


7 responses to “5B residential – day 1”

  1. Kate Harrison says:

    Glad you’re all having fun. What a scorcher! The paddling will be welcome refreshment after a hot and busy day. Enjoy! xx

  2. Sarah Russell says:

    Sounds like you’re all having a great time.
    Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Have fun!

  3. M Cole says:

    It sounds like you are having a fantastic time. It sounds like you’re going to be very busy. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. Dawes says:

    Sounds like the children are having a fantastic time. Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow. Good luck with cycling today. Xx

  5. Jackie Malone says:

    So glad they are having a great time! Enjoy the next couple of days

    Gabriel’s family x

  6. peterharris says:

    I am pleased that you have had such a good first day. Good luck with the cycling today – take lots of water – and enjoy the paddling after the Waterfall Walk.

    • Jo Bastian says:

      Glad everyone is having a great time! It sounds like you’re having fun! Hope you all had a good sleep. Enjoy your day today xxx

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