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5B and 5L – the first week back!

Friday 8th September | 2 comments

Both year 5 classes have had an impressive and positive start to the year.  It has been so lovely to get to know all the children and their unique personalities.  I can tell we have two classes filled with happy learners!

Next week, each class’s timetable will begin properly.

In maths, we will be focusing on number and place value.  We will be writing, reading, ordering and comparing numbers up to 1 MILLION!

In literacy, we will be doing a small bit of writing on recounts before getting started with our Greek myths topic. This is what we are most excited for as we will get to read lots of exciting myths.

In our history lessons we will be studying Ancient Greece and in our history lesson next week we will be tasting some Greek food. If you would rather your child not eat these foods, please let either Miss Bradley or Miss Levett know. We plan to try olives, feta cheese and vine leaves stuffed with rice! We will send out a letter before the lesson just to make parents who may not have seen the blog aware.

In our science lessons we are looking  at different forces and this week we have already found out some interesting facts.  Did you know that the weight of an object does not affect how fast it falls, because the gravitational pull is still the same.  We found out that a force called ‘air resistance’ CAN have an effect, however. In the weeks to come we will be looking at levels and pulleys and we may even make and test-out some catapults!

PE begins next week (on Monday) but after school clubs do not begin until the week after.

Have a safe and fun weekend!


2 responses to “5B and 5L – the first week back!”

  1. Nina (and her Dad) says:

    I really enjoyed the first week back at school. I am also enjoying learning about Ancient Greece. I especially liked the gods and monsters!

    (I enjoyed learning about the ancient Greeks as well – Nina’s Dad)

  2. Vikki says:

    Paige is very excited about studying ancient Greece. Her favourite snack is olives and feta

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