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The Return of 5L!

Friday 11th January | Comments are off for this post

Welcome back after what I hope was a very enjoyable and relaxing holiday! 5L have really hit the ground running in this first academic week of the new year.


In literacy this week, we started looking at a well-known Anglo-Saxon story (which also may be the oldest surviving long story in written in Old English!). That story is, of course, Beowulf.

To begin with, we spent some time considering how the Anglo-Saxons told stories. We discovered that, because many of them were unable to read or write for a long time, many of these stories and epic poems were told orally. To get a sense of what this might have been like, we spent some time coming up with short stories based on a piece of music we had listened to. It was tricky to do without having  written it down first, but the children who were brave enough to try did very well for a first attempt.

We then got to grips with a basic overview of the story, focusing in on the monster Grendel’s attacks on Heorot. More to come on that next week…


In our maths lessons, we started by recapping the work we had covered last term to make sure that the children hadn’t forgotten everything over Christmas. Miss Jones and I were relieved to find that they hadn’t!

Once that was done, we had a look at the equals sign in more detail. We discovered that it simply meant that the two sides had to have the same value, but that it could be expressed in a number of ways. For example:

3 x 4 = 12

3 x 4 = 6 x 2

3 x 4 = 7 + 5

Can you fill in the blanks of these equations to make them equal?

5 x 40   =   10 x __

14.5 x 10 = 1.45 x ___

7 + 9     =     __²

Overall, a very successful start to our new term and I am certain that the children will continue to do their best and show us just what they are capable of.

2019, here we come!

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