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Exploring Capacity!

Friday 5th July | Comments are off for this post

Today in maths, we had a look at volume and capacity with a little bit of measurement thrown in as well! To start with, we explored what the terms volume and capacity actually mean, and looked at a few questions to expand our understanding.

We then linked this understanding to a measurement task based around the ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ books. The task was fairly straight forward – all the children had to do was correctly measure out different amounts of juice to create a new drink. Sounds easy, right? The catch was that the ‘recipe’ was a riddle and the measurements were hidden behind another layer of maths. Have a look – do you think you can work it out?

Orphaned monkey though she be, Sunny so looks up to me.

To keep her safe do not exceed, a total sum of 2(238+62) ml indeed.

Liquid slime though this may seem, some of it this great drink needs. To find how much multiply 0.3 by 100 and then by 5.

Black and dark as the night’s sky, add 2/10 of a litre, or Klaus might just cry.

The colour of a clown fish, though fish it is not, solve 112 x 2 + 63 – 137 to join dot to dot.

Finally, for this formula to be complete, add 10 degrees more than a right angle of summer so sweet.

The children all did fantastically well and seemed to really enjoy their drinks at the end of it all!

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