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What’s been happening in year 5?

Monday 22nd May | 1 comment

Maths:  After working very hard, pupils have just about finished their geometry topic.  We have learnt a great deal including: how to measure and estimate angles;  how to identify shapes based on their features; how to reflect geometric designs across a line of symmetry; how to translate shapes and describe translations;  finally, how to write coordinates and plot the missing points for various polygons.

Next half term our math’s topic will be ‘measures’. During this topic we will learn: how to write time both in an analogue and digital format; how to work out time intervals; how to plan fun events by using our time effectively; how to convert between units of time; how to work out area and perimeter of shapes; how to convert between units of money; how to convert between metric and imperial measures; finally, how to solve problems including ALL of the above!

As you can see, even though its the last half term we will still be very busy.  To get a head start you can make sure you are confident in telling the time both using a digital and analogue clock.  You should also brush up on you skills involving adding and subtracting with decimals, as this will help you when trying to find change from amounts of money.

Literacy: In Literacy pupils worked extremely hard this half term.  We covered some very tricky SPAG elements such as prepositional phrases and modal verbs. This is something we will do some more of in the last half term.  We also spent several weeks working towards an extended piece of writing.  Pupils were directed to write an explanation text on a topic of their choice.  We had some really unique and creative ideas, from how to execute the perfect fly-kick, to how to perform tricks with a fidget spinner!

Next half term we will be travelling back in time to learn about William Shakespeare and we shall be studying some of his plays.  We may have a go creating our own play scripts and we may even have a go at performing them too! To prepare for this, it would be very helpful for you to have some knowledge of at least one of Shakespeare plays.  There is a wide variety of ways in which to ‘get into Shakespeare’.  There are many child-friendly play adaptations and also child-friendly cartoons or theatre productions which you could watch.

Trip to Yorkshire Water Treatment Works: We had a truly fantastic trip to the water treatment works. It felt very special to be able to actually get right up to the various machines that filter the water and make it safe for us to drink.  We learnt an awful lot and all this knowledge will come in very handy for our upcoming topic on the water-cycle, with a particular focus on rivers, to support our visit next half term to Malham.  Please enjoy the photos attached.  5L’s photos to follow!

Residential: Of course, the last week of this half term is all about RESIDENTIAL!!!  We hope all the children have a safe, enjoyable time and gain a lot from the experience.  There will be blogs to follow which will include lots of photos, so keep checking the blog for updates (especially if you are missing your little-ones and the house is eerily quiet!)

One response to “What’s been happening in year 5?”

  1. M Cole says:

    Your trip to the Water Treatment Works looks really interesting. What a great trip. Hope you enjoyed it Year 5.

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