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Wednesday 23rd September | 12 comments

12 responses to “”

  1. Zaynab and Amnah says:

    We think they are trying to kill each other because look at there positions they are in and they are doing a death mach……..

  2. Hannah and James says:

    We think they’re fighting after some sort of battle.

  3. Dylan and Ruby says:

    We think that they are wrestling and fighting to be winners. Even if it’s to death.

  4. Archie and Keeley says:

    it tells us that they fight a lot because of the position they are in.

  5. Georgia says:

    Some games are really villent.

  6. Elsie says:

    It looks like the are fighting to the death.

  7. Megan L says:

    I think this is Fighting because the positions they are in.

  8. Polly says:

    I think the one of the men is threatening the other one after a match of something.

  9. Dilhan says:

    There fighting naked in a boxing arena , you should be 21 to watch it and I’m glad I wasn’t there it would freak me out.

  10. Hana and Emily says:

    We think they are sacrificing somebody because they didn’t win the race.

  11. Sukey and Sally says:

    We think it’s running and fighting because the middle left looks like he’s running and the Middle right looks like he’s holding a knife.

  12. Joel and Ty says:

    I think that they are fighting over something because the man in the middle is pushing the girl over with the item.

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