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Wednesday 23rd September | 22 comments

22 responses to “”

  1. Laura says:

    I think that this man is doing the long jump. The two other men are holding a rope to measure. This man is jumping over the rope.

  2. Dev says:

    I think there doing a high jump because the man looks like he is going to jump over the long bar as he is in the air

  3. Archie and Keeley says:

    We think that they do the high jump in the Olympics because they are holding a stick.

  4. Laura and Aman says:

    We think he is doing a high jump as he is going very high The person on the right we can not decide whether they are a male or female. They are wearing clothes so it might be a female??

  5. Zaynab and Amnah says:

    We think they are trying to kill the guy maybe because he failed at a competition and the punishment was to kill the loser…..

  6. Tallulah and Jace says:

    it looks like long jump or something very similar

  7. Hannah and James says:

    We think that they are doing the high jump.

  8. Eden says:

    Pole jumping or long jumping.

  9. Georgia says:

    I think maybe he is doing a long jump.

  10. Amber Izzy says:

    I want to know if the one on the right is a girl because ,they look like one and they have a dress.It looks like they are doing gymnastics because ,they are twirling and jumping in the air.


  11. Dilhan says:

    It looks like someone getting thrown around naked.

  12. Simran says:

    We think it is a Mann doing gymnastics

  13. Skye Leah says:

    We can’t tell if the one at the end is a girl or a boy.

    • missbradley says:

      Why can’t you decide? What clues could you use from all the sources to help you decide this?

    • Skye Leah says:

      Because it is naked at the top half and at the bottom half wearing clothes.

    • S. L says:

      He is jumping because he wants get some exercise so he can be in the Olympics.

  14. Faye,Darcy,Melody says:

    We think that this long jumping because they have their legs out and they’re jumping over a stick.

  15. Ali and Ayaan says:

    We think all of the people are trying to kill each other because the guy on the far left is about to throw a piece of hard metal to the guy in the middle.

  16. Megan and Daisy says:

    We think it is the long jump because there is one man at the right that looks like is holding the pole.The position the middle one is in looks like he is just about to jump over it.He has special hooks so if he falls he can hook on to the bar.

  17. Harry & Nav says:

    I think the middle and left men are using the items to propel them over the right mans stick.

  18. Hana and Emily says:

    I think they are doing the high jump because two men are holding a rope and the other man is jumping over it.

  19. mrtiffany says:

    I think they are fighting because the man on the right has got a sharp stick in his hand and the rest of them got things in their hands as well.

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