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Wednesday 23rd September | 17 comments

17 responses to “”

  1. Tallulah and Jace says:

    looks like a discuss.

  2. Zaynab and Amnah says:

    I think the man is throwing a disk at something maybe a man he is aiming at a guy we will never know.

  3. Hannah and James says:

    We think they’re doing discus.

  4. Katie and Rhys says:

    We think its someone throwing a discus because he’s holding a discus and he’s in a position that shows he’s ready to throw it.

  5. Archie and Keeley says:

    We think that in the Olympics they played discuss because the are holding what looks like a disc.

  6. Laura and Aman says:

    We think it is a discus because he is holding a round flat object that could be a discus. We can also see that the people did the Olympics naked. The contestants were all men. All of this tells me that only men were allowed to do the Olympics and they did it naked and they were strong.

  7. Georgia says:

    He is throwing a frisbe I think. I play frisbe a lot.

  8. Eden says:

    I think it’s discuss.

  9. Ario and Aiysha says:

    We can see that this man is throwing a discuss and we know all these people are all naked. We know that all these people are men so this tells me that only men are allowed to participate in the Olympics. We can also tell that these men all look strong and fit.

  10. ST + JS says:

    I think this is a picture of a man disc throwing because it looks like that’s what he’s doing.

  11. Ben and Liam says:

    We think that it is a sculpture of a of a man throwing a discus because he is holding a round, thin object.

  12. Dilhan says:

    It,s someone naked who,s holding something like a stone shield or a boxing glove

  13. Chloe and Dhaya says:

    We think this is of the man doing the discus throw.

  14. Bailey and Simran says:

    We think it’s a man I the Olympics playing Discus.

  15. Amelia and Adara says:

    We think this art work is a man playing frisbee, and he’s about to throw it.Hes got a face of consontrason because he wants to win and be the best.

  16. Sukey and Sally says:

    We think it’s someone playing bowling because they have got a bowling ball.

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