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Wednesday 23rd September | 28 comments

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  1. Keiva and Emelia says:

    We think that it is boxing because it looks like their wearing big boxing gloves.We think the person on the right is the referee.

  2. Hannah and James says:

    We think they’re boxing as they have gloves on.

  3. Girleen and Dev says:

    We think that the two men are doing martial arts (boxing) because their punching each other in the face.

  4. Archie and Keeley says:

    We think that they do boxing because they are wearing boxing gloves.

  5. Tallulah and Jace says:

    I think this looks like someone boxing in the Olympics

  6. Saroop and Isabelle says:

    On the 7th picture it looks like they are doing boxing because they have boxing gloves on. I think it’s boxing because it looks like they are punching each other.

  7. Lucas and Luke says:

    It is a assume picture it looks like there doing some fighting.

  8. Eden says:

    I think it’s boxing.

  9. Tom says:

    I think it looks like they are boxing or doing a similar sport as they are wearing gloves and look like they are fighting

  10. Flo and Logan says:

    We can tell that if the Olympics has long jump and boxing now we understand that some sports then are the same as now.We can see that thier are no women in the photos they might not have been allowed or they didn’t want to .

  11. Mia and Keirath says:

    We think this is boxing because the
    men are wearing boxing gloves they.
    Also they look like Ythey are punching.
    This sport is just like what we would play in the
    olimpics .It is a families sport now.

  12. Rose & Fraser says:

    Challenge 1 Rose and Fraser think that the people in this picture are boxing in the olympics. In the Ancient Greek Olympics they do it nude. The Ancient Greek Olympics do some of the same sports we do now. They don’t have a lot of colour in Greek times.

  13. Harry says:

    I think the men are boxing and they are have boxing gloves on .

  14. Gracie and Honey says:

    In the ancient Olympics it looks like they have not got anything on. They are doing boxing and that a guy behinds is getting ready to fight. The pot has got a lot of detail.And they don’t have much colour in Greek times.

  15. Dilhan says:

    It,s someone boxing naked and what are they holding? Mabye it,s stone gloves.

  16. Simran says:

    I think the people are getting ready to fight it looks like they are boxing.

  17. EA says:

    There is a woman holding a brush to stop them from fighting.

  18. Bg says:

    Someone is holding something and he is whacking so I think he is killing someone because I think he hates him.

  19. Polly says:

    I think it is either two men boxing or men carrying a big bag.


  20. Alice says:

    I think the Olympics was held in Halloween because of the colour .

  21. Sukey and Sally says:

    We think they are wrestling because there arms are on top of each other and they have gloves on. The women in the white has a spear and she is judging.

  22. KM and ES says:

    We think that the men in the middle are fighting but not full contact, because they are not touching. Also we think the white women is the judge.

  23. Samr Megan says:

    The two people at the side of the two people who are fighting .

  24. Faye,Darcy,Melody says:

    We think this is boxing because they have gloves on which look like boxing gloves and it also looks like they’re fighting.

  25. Samr Megan says:

    We think that the fighting nakedly with some type of gloves on and two referee.

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