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This week in Year 5!

Friday 6th January | 4 comments

It has been a positive start to the new year! We are all really looking forward to the term ahead and there are lots of exciting things in store.


Maths:  For the next 5 weeks in maths we will be looking at fractions *horrified gasp.* Fractions really aren’t as scary as they seem and we had a fun introductory lesson looking at some eggsellent examples.  By the end, we really cracked it!


image4 image3 image3

Next week we will be looking at finding equivalent fractions.

Literacy: Pupils have been thoroughly enjoying the topic of the Anglo-Saxons and we have been getting to grips with the story of Beowulf.  People particularly seemed to enjoy the parts where Grendel’s arm is torn clean of and his mother’s head is taken as a trophy- I wonder why?  During the next 5 weeks we will be paying more focus to how the characters are described and completing our own character descriptions.  We will also re-write some of the ‘fight-scenes’ in the story.  We will finish off with some more light-hearted poetry!

We hope everyone had a fun and restful break, but now is the time to come back focused and determined to achieve!  Keep working hard on times tables and spellings and be sure to make time to read and complete your extreme learning journal.

4 responses to “This week in Year 5!”

  1. Marcia Hilton says:

    Happy new year! Great – I love fractions, so looking forward to discussing them with George!

  2. Gabriel's mum says:

    Thank you for the new structure to the long list of spellings! Although we did do them last term it was harder to find structure from what is quite a daunting list, so separating them out into blocks of ten is very helpful.
    Enjoy your term!

  3. Emma Heywood says:

    Rose has quite enjoyed doing fractions and hasn’t found it so scary! This has been a good way of doing them.

  4. peterharris says:

    That looks like a really good, imaginative start to the fractions topic.

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