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Friday 3rd March | Comments are off for this post

We are now two weeks into the second half of the term and both classes are continuing to do well.

In Literacy we have been continuing our work on persuasive adverts. The children have been working in small groups to create their own adverts designed to sell ‘useless’ products (such as a toilet roll hat or umbrella shoes). We had some very interesting results!

In Maths, we have been continuing our work with decimal numbers – moving from comparing and ordering decimals to adding and subtracting them. The children have been applying the addition and subtraction methods that we learnt at the start of the year and have done really well (despite the addition of a decimal point).

In Science we had a closer look at the parts of plants by dissecting a few in class. The children were able to see for themselves all of the different parts of some flowers and compare them. They noticed that some flowers have parts that others don’t (for example the stamen) and discussed why that might be the case.

Finally, to end the week we had our World Book Day celebrations. The children came as a variety of different characters in some fantastic costumes that really brightened up the classroom. Throughout the day, the children put their persuasive skills to the test in a Storybook Courtroom where Alice (of Wonderland fame) had been put on trial for the theft of the Queen of Hearts’ jam tarts. Some children created arguments to defend Alice, using the evidence provided to find new suspects. Others used it to prove that Alice was the only one who could have committed the crime. Both sides presented some brilliant arguments but in the end, the jury in 5L decided that Alice was guilty. Off with her head!

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